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Are you working in the US with loved ones in Vietnam? Do you want your family and friends to enjoy what you have worked hard for? Well, you can do so by simply being able to send money online. There are many online options to make use of but take note that not all of these options are reliable. If you are looking for a right partner to help you with, then Sharemoney is a great choice you can opt for.

Why Choose Sharemoney to Remit Money to Vietnam?

Sharemoney, a service of Omnex Group, Inc., has its own way of making sure that your recipients in Vietnam will receive your money in the fastest possible time. In fact, you also have a cheaper option should you choose to use our services. We only charge a minimal fee starting at $2.99 for your transactions. This rate is way lower than what our competitors in the business charge their clients. Additionally, you also get to send money to your loved ones in Vietnam without any other extra fees charged from them just to be able to claim the money you have sent.

Sharemoney’s Delivery Options in Vietnam

If you are sending money to your loved ones in Vietnam, you are offered three delivery options. One is through our Vietnam partner banks where you can choose to send money via major banks like ACB, Agri Bank, BIDV, DongA Bank, DAB, Techcombank, Vietcombank and Vietin. If your loved one do not have an account with any of these banks, you can choose to have the money delivered right into their doorsteps with our door-to-door delivery method, or choose from the different cash pickup locations that we have partnered with instead.


Initiating a Money Transfer with Sharemoney

You can start doing so by simply creating an account with us. We have an online registration form that you need to complete, and then your account will need to be verified before you can send money. We basically need your phone number and email address to be able to do that. Verification is made only for first-timers. Once you have been verified, you can enjoy using our services without any hassle.

Tracking your Sharemoney Transfer to Vietnam

Provided you have used the money transfer services of our website, you can now inform your loved ones in Vietnam that you have sent them the money they need. Many times, transfers only take a few minutes to process, depending on your choice of funding method and delivery option. In fact, you can inform your recipient right away and after that, you can instruct him to go and claim the money if you did not choose the door-to-door delivery method.

In order to make sure that the money has already been entered into a bank account or is ready for pickup and delivery, it will be good to use Sharemoney’s Money Transfer Number (MTN). You can use the MTN to track the money by yourself or choose to send it to your loved ones so they can check where the money is at the moment. Remind them to use our global website in order to enjoy this feature.

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