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Also known as the Gateway to Africa, Senegal is a Western African country that’s served by an array of maritime and air travel routes. As Senegal lies at an ecological boundary, it comes as no surprise that tropical rainforest, oceanfront, and semiarid grassland converge here. Today, a wide range of tourists visit Senegal for board riding activities. This is possible because Senegal is considered a safe county in Africa. In addition to being a popular spot for travelers, Senegal has quite a diverse economy, with major industries including tourism, chemicals, textiles, artificial fertilizer, food processing, mining, and more.

Are you currently working in the United States and regularly send money back to your family members and friends? Sharemoney can help make this process easier, safer, and cheaper; what’s more, we even allow you to track your money transfer to Senegal. Learn how this works today!

Why Transfer Money to Senegal via Sharemoney?

Since our inception, Sharemoney has been recognized for its swift online money transfer services. When you choose to send money online through our platform, your money is always in safe hands as we work with reputable financial institutions in both Senegal and the United States. One of the reasons why many Senegalese choose our services is because of the cheap fees that we charge. Our customers can send money to their loved ones for as low as $2.99. In addition to the competitive rates that we offer, no hidden fees will be charged to your transaction before and after the intended recipient collects the money.

Sharemoney’s Cash Pickup Locations in Senegal

Senegal is home to a wide array of cash pickup locations that Sharemoney has partnered with. Your money can be picked up almost instantly at the following locations:

If you sent money to La Poste:

  • La Poste Dakar Peytavin
  • La Poste Ouakam Gouye Sor
  • Postefinances Rufisque Keury Souf
  • La Poste Ross Bethio
  • La Poste Fongolembi

If you sent money to Wari Senegal:

  • Wari – Darou Mousty
  • Wari – Grand Dakar
  • Wari – Koumpentoum
  • Wari – Medina Wandifa
  • Wari – Parcelles Assainies

Step One: Initiating a Sharemoney Money Transfer Transaction

The first step involves creating a free account with Sharemoney. Owning an account with us will make both current and future transactions more convenient. The process is simple as you only need to complete an online registration form. After a short waiting time, you can start using the account. Customers must however provide accurate and up-to-date information about themselves to avoid re-dos.

Step Two: Sending and Tracking Your Sharemoney Transfer to Senegal

When you have decided how much money you are going to send your recipient, simply enter that amount and hit the Quick Send button. The transfer should be completed within a few minutes and you can start informing the recipient about it. Do keep in mind that the actual duration depends on the chosen funding method (debit card, credit card, or bank account) and delivery method.

You and your recipient can then track the fund transfer status by using Sharemoney’s Money Tracker feature. After initiating a transfer, our team will give you a Money Transfer Number (MTN).

Use Sharemoney today and let our platform make your online money transfers to Senegal easy and simple!

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