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When it comes to online money transfers to Ecuador, many Ecuadorians trust Sharemoney. Since our inception, we have simplified the process of sending money to Ecuador. Many individuals, who are working abroad (e.g. the United States), have found our services useful and efficient. If you are tired of long commutes to physical remittance outlets, Sharemoney is an alternative you can consider for all of your money transfer needs. Apart from learning how to initiate a transfer, you will also find out how to track your money transfer to Ecuador in this post.

Fast, Cheap & Secure Online Money Transfer Services to Ecuador

Need to send money to Ecuador? You can start transferring for as low as $3.99! When you use our online money transfer services, you will never feel the pinch that high transfer fees can cause. Next, our platform continually strives to speed up remittance processes to Ecuador. This is an area we are constantly improving upon.

Protecting our clients’ financial information and cyber security go hand in hand. That’s why we have implemented the latest Extended Validation SSL technology. Aside from running a SSL-certified website, other accreditations include being McAfee Secure, verified by GoDaddy, being federally and state regulated, and more. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable company.

Stellar Money Delivery Methods in Ecuador

There are currently two ways to send money to your loved ones in Ecuador. The first one is through our cash pickup providers. Some of the available Ecuador cash pickup locations include Coop. Ahorro Y Credito 4 De Octubre, Banco Bolivariano C.A., San José De Raranga, Corporaciones Unidas – Cuenca (9372), Cañar-Angel E Moscoso A – Red Envios, and many more.

The second option is to send money directly to your recipient’s bank account in Ecuador. If you use our bank deposit method, you can complete your money transfer under 30 minutes. Some of the participating banks include Banco Mm Jaramillo Arteaga, Banco General Ruminahui, Cooperativa Alianza Del Valle Ltda., Mutualista Pichincha, and more.

Getting Started is Easy

If you know that you need to make repeated transfers to a certain recipient, Sharemoney recommends that you create an account with us, which is free! With a Sharemoney account, you can take advantage of an array of useful and intuitive features. For example, you can use a Quick Send button. By pressing this button, you can avoid the usual verification process of online money transfers. This can save you a lot of time for future transactions. As long as you provide us with accurate information, you can get through the registration process in one go.

Sharemoney’s Transfers to Ecuador: Send It and Track It!

After a transaction has been completed, you can inform your recipient almost right away. You should remember your Money Transfer Number (MTN) as it allows you and your intended recipient to track the transfer’s status, e.g. its current whereabouts. Simply enter the MTN in our Money Tracker feature and you will get the updates that you need.

Start using Sharemoney today and let us make your money transfers to Ecuador easy and simple!

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