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Today, Colombia is trending as a top destination for tourists. It is home to the mystical Amazon Rainforest, the mighty Andes Mountains, mesmerizing beaches, emerald mines, and an array of historic, colonial cities. The country is on every traveler’s bucket list. With a population of over 48 million people, Colombia’s GDP (PPP) is $688.8 billion. It has an economic freedom score of 68.9. International remittances have been a major contributor to its economy as well. It is common for Colombians to live and work overseas, e.g. in the United States.

Do you use Sharemoney to send money to your loved ones? Great! Did you know that you can also track your money transfer to Colombia? Let’s find out more!

Why Transfer Money to Colombia via Sharemoney?

At Sharemoney, we have an unwavering commitment toward ensuring that our customers’ recipients in Colombia receive the money sent in a swift time frame. Apart from our rapid-paced services, we also value our customers’ trust and security. We work tirelessly to keep your money safe. Our company achieve this goal by connecting with reputable financial institutions in Colombia and the United States.

If you are new to Sharemoney, you will be pleased to know that we charge low transfer fees that start from $3.99 per transaction. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that we do not charge any hidden fees before and after every successful transfer.

Sharemoney’s Money Delivery Methods in Colombia

When it comes to sending money online to Colombia, the two main delivery options are cash pickup and bank deposit. If you want the funds to be sent directly to your loved ones’ bank account in Colombia, the bank deposit method is perfect for you. In most cases, the transaction can be completed within 30 minutes or less. Sharemoney has also built a reliable cash pickup network in Colombia. If you are interested in this method, you can send the money to a wide range of Bancolombia S.a. (e.g. Bancolombia Anapoima, Bancolombia Barbosa Santander, etc.) and Pagos Internacionales (e.g. SuperGIROS – Oficina Principal, SuperGIROS – Hospital San Juan De Dios, etc.) cash pickup locations.

Initiating a Money Transfer via Sharemoney

The process is simple! The first step to initiating a money transfer is to sign up for a free account with us. There is an array of useful and convenient in each Sharemoney account. For example, there is the QuickSend button. It speeds up the process of sending money to the same recipient. After completing our online registration form, kindly give us a few working days to process your request. Once your details, such as phone number and email address, have been verified, you can start using our services without hassle.

How to Track Your Sharemoney Transfer to Colombia

Sharemoney makes it easy to track online money transfers to Colombia via our Money Tracker feature. Alternatively, you can head to our global website to do the tracking. Both options are fine, and they serve a similar purpose. All you or your recipient requires is a Money Transfer Number (MTN). An MTN will be given to you for each transaction you make. Simply enter them in the right fields and you will get the latest status updates of the transfer.

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