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If you are working abroad and plan to send money online to Chile, Sharemoney can help. We have simplified the process of online remittances, between the United States and Chile, for all you hardworking souls. With the availability of our online platform, you no longer need to travel down to a physical remittance outlet. You save both time and money! First time sending money via Sharemoney? Let’s find out how you can track your money transfer to Chile online!

Track Your Money Transfer To Chile in Two Simple Steps!

  • Step one: Initiate a money transfer

The transfer process often begins with an account registration. Don’t worry. This step is free and can be completed within a few minutes. With an official Sharemoney account, both current and future transactions will be more convenient. After filling out an online registration form, your details will be reviewed and verified by our company. As long as you provide us with up-to-date information about yourself, i.e. phone number and email address, you can start enjoying our services in no time.

  • Step two: Track your Sharemoney transfer to Chile

You have an account with us and you have also made your first transfer. Congratulations! You can now use Sharemoney’s money tracker feature. This feature allows your loved ones in Chile to track the money you have sent them. This means that you can inform your recipient almost right away. Simply head over to our global website and enter the Money Transfer Number (MTN). MTNs will be given to you once a transfer has been made.

Why Choose Sharemoney to Send Money to Chile?

There are many awesome reasons to use Sharemoney’s online money transfer services. For starters, you can send money online to Chile for as low as $4.99 (we are advocates of transparency – no hidden charges!). Next, we continually strive to facilitate online remittances in a swift time frame. No one likes to be kept waiting! Most importantly, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that Sharemoney has partnered with reputable financial institutions in both Chile and the U.S.

Sharemoney’s Money Delivery Options in Chile

Sharemoney’s current money delivery method in Chile is via cash pickup. We have chosen Afex Ltda to be our main partner in money remittance services to the country. They are a stellar Chilean financial service company that was established in 1978. With over 40 branches located across the country, it will be very convenient for your recipients to collect the money you have sent them. Other specializations of Afex Ltda include brokerage of foreign currency and wire transfers to international bank accounts.

Afex Ltda cash pickup locations include: AFEX MALL PLAZA COPIAPO, AFEX Mall Arauco Estacion, AFEX Mall Plaza Los Dominicos, AFEX Mall Plaza La Serena, AFEX Mall Paseo Costanera Puerto Montt, AFEX VIÑA DEL MAR CENTRO, and many more!

Enjoy a hassle-free experience when sending and tracking your money transfer to Chile! Start using Sharemoney today and let us make your online money transfers to the country easy, fast and cheap!

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