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Your job has finally stabilized in the United States. However, you have loved ones living at home in Uruguay. You feel that it is the right time to start sending money back so that they can enjoy what you have worked hard for. The question is how can you transfer money and track its progress? At Sharemoney, we have the answer you seek. We assure you that the answer is simple!

Initiating Money Remittance via Sharemoney

The first step to take is to create a free account with Sharemoney. We have implemented an easy online registration form for new customers to complete. If this is your first time using our services, we will require a few working days to process your application. Simply provide us with your latest phone number and email address. Do note that the verification process only happens the first time round. Once your account has been verified, you can enjoy using our services.

Sharemoney’s Available Delivery Options in Uruguay

If you are sending money to your family members in Uruguay, we offer the cash pickup method. As we working with trusted banks such as More Money Transfer S.A., the cash pickup locations you can choose from include:

  • More – Redpagos – Ag. Tienda Inglesa – Atlantida
  • Cambio Central Uno – Artigas (10588)
  • Redpagos Pizzorno
  • Cambio Sir Geant – Canelones (10380)
  • More – Redpagos Flor De Solymar
  • Redpagos San Ramon – Canelones
  • Cambio Varlix Disco 21
  • More – Redpagos – Ag. Cambio Val Chuy
  • Redpagos Juan Lacaze – Colonia (10391)

Tracking Your Sharemoney Remittance to Uruguay

After using our money transfer services, you can proceed to inform your loved ones in Uruguay that you have successfully sent them the money they need. In many cases, your transaction takes only a few minutes to process. Factors such as delivery option and funding method can affect the overall duration. All in all, you can certainly inform your recipient right away.

To ensure that your recipient’s money is ready for pickup, it is recommended that you provide him or her with the Money Transfer Number (MTN). The MTN can be entered into our global website so that you or your recipient can check where the money is at in real time. Start using our money tracker for remittances to Uruguay today!

Why Choose Sharemoney to Remit Money to Uruguay?

Sharemoney is a trusted service of Omnex Group, Inc. Our company has a way of making sure that all our valued customers’ recipients in Uruguay will receive your money within a short turnaround time. You will also be able to enjoy cheap rates should you choose to use our services. At Sharemoney, we only charge a minimal fee that starts from $4.99 for your transactions. You may find that our company offers very competitive rates when it comes to money remittances. In addition, you get to send USD directly to Uruguay. This means that your loved ones can receive the money without paying any extra fees. They will be able to claim your transfer while retaining its initial value as much as possible.

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