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Peru is a truly diverse country and has a great cultural heritage. The Republic of Peru is also home to a rapidly-growing economy. Its main sectors are divided into manufacturing, fishing, mining, and tourism. With that, it is common for many Peruvians to work abroad, especially in the United States. If you are working in the U.S. and need to make money remittance to Peru, we have got your back. Sharemoney is a trusted partner of many hardworking Peruvians when it comes to sending money online to their loved ones in Peru.

Sharemoney – Your Trusted Money Transfer Provider

As a service of Omnex Group, Inc., Sharemoney has developed innovative solutions for making sure that our clients’ recipients in Peru receive their money as fast as possible. We understand that many of our clients need to facilitate urgent transfers as some of their family depend on their salary to get by. Apart from speed and convenience, we also strive to charge low fees for our customers’ money transfers. For example, Sharemoney only charges a minimal fee starting at $4.99. What’s more, their loved ones in Peru do not need to fork out extra fees when they are ready to claim the money our customers have sent.

Sharemoney’s Delivery Options in Peru

Your first delivery option for sending money online to Peru is the cash pickup locations. Here are the two main banks Sharemoney has partnered with:

Elektra Peru:

  • TSF Arequita AV Ejercito 308
  • Ba EKT Barranca Peru
  • Punto Azteca Mala
  • Punto Azteca Reque
  • Ba EKT Canto Grande
  • H Ceramico San Juan De Lurigancho

Jet Peru S.A.:

  • Jet Peru – Lima Metro Chorrillos
  • Jetperu – Terminal Terrestre Independencia
  • Jet Peru – San Juan De Miraflores
  • Jet Peru – Lima San Miguel
  • Jetperu – Ovalo Papal
  • Jet Peru – Callao-Multimercados Minka

The second option is via bank deposit. If your recipient has a bank account in Jet Peru S.A., you can send money directly to his or her bank account in Peru. A typical transaction can be completed in as little as 15-30 minutes!

Sharemoney Makes It Easy for You – Initiate, Send, and Track!

The process of sending money to your loved ones in Peru is easy. Start by creating a free online account with us. We have prepared a simple online registration form on our website. Do understand that this account will be subject to a short verification process. We will your email address and phone number for that. Once you receive confirmation that your account is officially ready, you can enjoy using our services without hassle.

Let’s say that you have completed a transaction, i.e. sent money online. Remember the Money Transfer Number (MTN) that will be provided to you. Head to our global website and input this MTN in our money tracker feature. Your recipient and you can track where your money is at the moment. This feature becomes useful especially if your recipient is not tech-savvy. You can immediately inform your loved ones via phone call when the money is ready for collection. No delays!

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