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Are you working in the United States and have loved ones living in Nigeria? Your hard work paid off and you receive a steady income each month. You strive to share your earnings with your family and friends. There is an easy way to let them enjoy what you have worked hard for. The answer is to make a money remittance to Nigeria. As there is a great array of platforms available online, you should always choose one that is reliable. At Sharemoney, we are a trusted provider when it comes to sending money online to Nigeria.

An Introduction to Sharemoney

Sharemoney is a service of Omnex Group, Inc. We have developed safe and affordable solutions that make sure your recipients in Nigeria without delay. When you choose to utilize our services, we only charge a minimal fee starting at $3.99 for your transactions. Compared to our competitors in the business, we strive to offer more competitive rates. Most importantly, we want our clients to be able to send money to their family members and friends in Nigeria without being charge additional fees on the receiving end.

Sharemoney’s Delivery Options in Nigeria

If you are making money remittances to your loved ones in Nigeria, you can choose to send money via major banks like Access Bank Nigeria Plc, Citibank Nigeria Limited, Enterprise Bank, United Bank For Africa Plc (UBA), First Bank Of Nigeria Plc, Zenith Bank International, Diamond Bank Plc, and more. Since our inception, Sharemoney has built an extensive network of reputable banks in Nigeria. You can rest assured that your money is in good hands, at all times.

How to Initiate a Money Transfer with Sharemoney

All news users are encouraged to start by creating a free account with us. When you have an account with Sharemoney, future transactions can proceed without a hitch. We have prepared an easy to complete online registration form. Information such as your email address and phone number will be used for verification purposes. Once done, you can send money. Future transfers to the same recipient can also be sped up with our QuickSend function.

Tracking your Sharemoney Transfer to Nigeria is Easy

So, you have finally made the transfer. Congratulations! In most cases, our clients’ transfers only take a few minutes to process. Factors such as delivery option and funding method also have a say on how fast the transactions can be completed. The next step is to your loved ones in Nigeria that you have sent them the money they need. Tracking your money remittance is easy. You just need to use Sharemoney’s Money Transfer Number (MTN). Simply enter it in our global website and voila! You and your recipient will know where the money is at the moment.

All in all, you can have peace of knowing that Sharemoney has got all your current and future transactions well taken care of. We are constantly improving our services and processes so that our users can transfer money to their loved ones in just a few clicks!

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