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Argentina is a large South American nation and has a mixed economic system. Apart from having a highly literate population, the country has a diversified industrial base and export-oriented agricultural sector. Due to the country’s uneven economic performance, many Argentinians choose to work abroad, in countries like the United States. If you are working in the U.S., you might be finding away to facilitate money remittance to Argentina. Sharemoney is more than happy to inform you that we can help you make that happen.

Money Remittance via Sharemoney Explained

Sharemoney is part of Omnex Group. Our services make facilitating money remittance fast, cheap, and easy. We offer various delivery methods including home delivery, bank deposit, and cash pickup. Since our inception, we have served 48 countries worldwide. Should you choose to send money through Sharemoney, you may be pleased that we only charge a minimal fee starting at $4.99 for your transactions. The good news is that our rates are lower than what other competitors in the industry are charing their customers. You can rest assured that our platform is safe and secure. We have implemented the latest encryption technology to protect your data.

Argentina Cash Pickup Locations

Currently, the only available and recommended delivery option for money remittance to Argentina is cash pickup. The banks we are working with include Latin Express Financial Services Argentina S.A. and More Money Transfer S.A. Here are some of the locations you can choose from:

Latin Express Financial Services Argentina S.A.:

  • Villa Celina 0481
  • San Justo 7 de Agosto Terminal
  • Latin Express – Lomas de Zamora Quiroga
  • Latin Express – Agencia de Remesas Latin Express
  • Latin Express – Puente la Noria Cosquin

More Money Transfer S.A.:

  • Banco Provincia De Santa Cruz
  • More – Provincia Pagos – AG. Centro de Servicio PP
  • More Argentina – Camara Comercio Avellaneda
  • More – Banco De San Juan
  • More – Banco Santiago Del Estero
  • More Argentina- Marquez y Panamericana

How to Initiate Money Remittance Transactions with Sharemoney

Before you can send money online to your loved ones in Argentina, do spare a few minutes to complete the initial registration process. Do provide up to date and accurate personal details for verification purposes. Once this stage is over, future transactions will be a breeze because you do not need to repeat the same steps again. This means you save more time when using Sharemoney services!

Tracking Your Sharemoney Transfer with a MTN

Once you confirmed your transaction, the next step is to inform your loved ones in Argentina that you have transferred them the money they have requested or need. You do not need to wait for a few hours or a day to inform your recipient. You can tell them right away! Sharemoney provides our customers with a unique Money Transfer Number (MTN). To use it, head over to our global website and enter it in the field provided. From there, your recipient and you can track the location of the money. This money tracking feature is designed to provide peace of mind for both sender and recipient.

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