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If you’re looking for a way to send money with a debit card then you have plenty of different options, depending on why you want to send the money, who you want to send it to, and how much you want to send. In this article, we will look at how to go about sending money with a debit card and at what the best options are for various scenarios.

The Basics

For simple domestic transfers, the easiest way to send money with a debit card is simply to set up a payment with your bank. You can do this by going into a physical branch of your bank but better is to use online banking.

Most US banks these days offer online banking and once you’ve set this up, you’ll be able to check your balance, send money and even set up standing orders. If you want to send the same amount of money regularly to the same person, this latter option is particularly useful.

Some banks even take this one step further to make life even easier by offering a mobile app for sending cash. Either way, you might find there are some quite rigorous security protocols which are annoying but ultimately necessary. Some banks will provide you with a ‘Chip and Pin’ device which will require you to type your PIN number into a small card reader.

Sending Money Online

If you are sending money to someone online after buying/selling something on eBay, or after doing business with them, then you might not want to give them your personal account details and you might not want to go through the hassle of sending money via your online banking.

When it comes to international money transfer, whether you are using your debit card to fund a money remittance to a foreign country, or using it to pay a vendor based in a foreign country that only accepts local currency, you can also easily do so online. Paying with your debit card is much better than your credit card as you could incur additional charges when you opt to use a credit card. Payment via a debit card is also better than payment through a bank account as the latter often requires a host of security checks to approve your transaction.


For sending money abroad, our tool ‘Sharemoney’ is an ideal way to send money with a debit card. Sharemoney can help you to send money from the US to Brazil, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Guatemala, and Vietnam. So if you have family living back home while you’re in America, or if you have friends in any of those countries you’d like to send cash to, Sharemoney offers a great solution.

Not only do we offer low transfer fees (starting at $2.99), swift service (money is sent in as little as 2 minutes) and secure transactions; we also offer a huge range of money delivery options including cash pickups and door-to-door delivery. If you need further help in understanding how to use your debit card to fund a money transfer with Sharemoney, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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