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The economy of the Philippines is among the largest in the world. Its main exports include fruits, petroleum products, copper, garments, semiconductors and more. In addition, it has major trading partners (countries) such as Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, United States etc. However, a substantial number of citizens still choose to work abroad especially in countries such as the United States. If you are from Philippine and working in the U.S., sending money back to your loved ones may be a major concern to you. If you are planning to use banks like EastWest Bank, this post is for you.

About EastWest Bank

Also known as EastWest Banking Corporation, EastWest Bank was first founded in 1994 and was the first of its kind to receive a commercial banking license in the mid-1990s. Over the years, the bank grew in strength and opened more branches to make its services even more accessible to customers. Internet banking is one of the fortes of EastWest Bank.

Open an Account with Sharemoney

It is fast, easy and hassle-free. You can enjoy a wide variety of benefits when you register an account to transfer money to banks and your loved ones alike via Sharemoney. All you need to do is to complete a simple form and we will verify the details that you have provided us. Try to furnish us with accurate details to prevent the application from bouncing. Once your account is verified, you can start sending money to EastWest Bank with ease. In most cases, Sharemoney will need about three days to process both your application. This applies to every new bank account you use to fund your transfer.

Sending Money to an EastWest Bank Account

For starters, we offer one of the lowest transfer rates and currency exchange rates on the market. That’s why your recipients can get the most value out of each transfer. As mentioned, you just need to register an account with us, allow us to verify that account, before starting your transaction. It is that easy! We understand that when you work in the United States and you have loved ones in the Philippines, you will be burdened if you had limited flexibility while sending money to your loved ones. That’s why Sharemoney has partnered with EastWest Bank to make transferring money a whole lot easier.

Did you know that you can also use your debit card and credit card to fund your transfers? Yes, it is true and you will be charged a fee that starts as low as $4.99. If you choose to use your credit card, the rates may vary as your credit card issuer will charge you an extra service charge. Once you have transferred money to your loved ones, you can give them a Money Transfer Number (MTN) to check the transfer status. This will guarantee peace of mind for both you and your recipient.

Send Money to EastWest Bank in The Philippines Now!

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