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Puente Alto has its fair share of economic ups and downs. Recent reports show that the city’s exports have decreased at an average rate of -1% per year. In 2016, Puente Alto exported less than US$46 million dollars’ worth of goods. It is not surprising to find a great array of Chileans seeking more secure jobs abroad, especially in countries such as the United States. If you are working abroad and planning to send money to your loved ones, we can help. Let’s find out more about Puente Alto and Sharemoney.

About Puente Alto

Also known as High Bridge, it is the second largest city and commune of Chile. As the capital of the Cordillera Province, in Santiago’s Metropolitan Region, Puente Alto is home to more than 573,000 residents. You should keep in mind that this city is not completely unified with Santiago. There are a few unique exceptions that are not part of Santiago and still belong to Puente Alto. They include Avenida La Serena – 4 Oriente and Concha y Toro Avenue.

This city is home to a number of areas of interest. One of those areas is Pueblito Las Vizcachas. It is a huge and beautiful park that is open to the public. Many families are known to visit this place on the weekends as admissions are free.

Online Money Remittance to Puente Alto Made Easy

Cash pickup is a convenient delivery method for remittances to the city. Your family member or friend can collect the money you sent at reputable cash pickup providers that Sharemoney is working with. AFEX is one of them. The first option is AFEX Mall Plaza Tobalaba. It is located at Plaza Tobalaba Avenida Camilo Henriquez #3692, Local Bh 164. The second option is AFEX Puente Alto. The latter is located at Santiago, Mall Plaza Puente Alto, Concha Y Toro 26 Local 32 (Costado Jumbo).

Use Sharemoney for All Transfers to Puente Alto

At Sharemoney, we offer a fast and cheap way to initiate money transfers. We understand that every penny counts and that’s why we charge cheap rates for your transactions. When you send money online to the city, you are only required to pay a low rate that starts from $4.99. Your recipient does not need to worry about paying extra fees once he or she collects the money you sent. What’s more, Sharemoney lets you send USD to Puente Alto. Yes, no exchange rates!

We understand that many clients often need to facilitate repeated transactions. To enhance convenience, we have developed and implemented a “QuickSend” button. You do not need to fill up the same forms every time you need to send money to your loved ones. Once you have created a free account with us, future transfers to the same recipient in Puente Alto can be completed with exceptional ease.

After making an online money remittance, your recipient can track the money you sent via our global website. Simply give them the unique Money Transfer Number (MTN) to facilitate this task.

Start Using Sharemoney Today

Our “How It Works” page is a great resource that teaches you how to maximize Sharemoney’s services or learn more about our procedures.

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