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A mother’s efforts are always underrated, and her work is never done. As we will soon celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s ponder upon the endless contributions and challenges of women worldwide. Mothers are generally revered for their constant perseverance, unbridled determination, and strong will as the ultimate breadwinners and/or caregivers. Whether they live in traditional or families, they remain dutiful in terms of caring and nurturing for their children, spouses, and relatives.

Mother’s Day is like a celebration of motherhood and celebration. The special day is also a national celebration of sorts, a day to honor the matriarch of the family. In Honduras, the occasion is celebrated the second Sunday of May, same as in other countries. The popular celebration takes place in all types of organizations: trusts, unions, churches, schools, and more. If you plan to send money back to Honduras, be sure to use Sharemoney’s services. Let’s find out more!

About Sharemoney

For new visitors that just came across our website, you might ask “What is Sharemoney?” Don’t worry. It is a common question that we tend to get. At Sharemoney, we are a trusted partner of a great array of banks and remittance centers, including Banrural, Banco de Occidente, Banco Azteca, Elektra, and more. Since our inception, we have been continually striving to build and maintain our reputation as a trusted online money transfer platform.

We provide our clients with more flexible options to send money back to their loved ones in Honduras. Apart from making direct bank deposits, your recipients can also receive your transfer in the form of cash. This means that your mother does not need to join the queue in a bank or at a nearby ATM machine.

Sharemoney is An Affordable Way to Send Money Online

  • Affordable transaction fees: We have found that some online remittance platforms out there deduct fees from the amount you have sent, from your recipient’s amount. Some provider may charge too much for your transaction. At Sharemoney, we certainly walk the talk when we say we charge cheap rates. You only need to pay for a minimum of $4.99 per transaction.
  • No hidden charges: When you utilize Sharemoney’s services, a fixed fee is tagged to your transactions. You can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that there will be no further deductions when the money reaches your loved ones.
  • Competitive USD to HNL exchange rates: At Sharemoney, we strive to let your loved ones enjoy the remittance at very competitive US Dollar to Honduran Lempira exchange rates. This makes it easier for them to enjoy the fruits of your labor and also save for rainy days.

Using Sharemoney to Send Money to Your Mother in Honduras

There are two easy ways to fund your transactions. At Sharemoney, you can choose to fund your transactions via credit card or debit card. The popular method is to opt for the debit method. The process is much more straightforward, and does not charge additional fees. Want to start sending money online from the US to Honduras? Click here to get started!

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