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Are you a new US immigrant that feels like you’ve done all that you can to pay credit card debts, save money, and improve your budgeting skills, but still have made little progress with the money goals you have set for yourself? What could be wrong? Well, how do you think about money? Are you thinking about it in the right way? You have to get in the right frame of mind before you can make any progress on your money concerns.

Train Your Brain

We can hardly begin to understand the power of our brain. Truth be told, even scientists agree that we know very little about the potential of our brains. One thing that is for sure, however, is that the human brain can develop habits. Throughout the years, our brain travels over those habits and sets them deep within the pathways of our minds. Soon we are hardwired to operate according to those habits. Those patterns need to change in order for us to change. And that takes some doing.

Money Actions and Money Skills

There is a good book that could be of assistance to help with your money matters.  it is by Jen Hemphill and is entitled Her Money Matters: The Missing Truths From Traditional Money Advice. It deals with your money mindset and breaks down all the details. It explains skills such as dealing with debt, making money, saving, budgeting, etc. Picking up this book and reading it would be a definite step in the right direction.

Immigrants in a New Country

Focusing your attention on wrong areas of your brain drains mental energy. If you are in a new country as an immigrant, the first step to managing your money matters will be to try and free up the right areas of your brain and get in the right frame of mind. To make and save money as an immigrant, try following the following these suggestions.

Use the Power of Many

Pool your resources as much as possible. If you have other family members who are also immigrants in the United States, get your money together. Invest your money together. Save your money together.

Rely on Yourself More Than Others

Be enterprising and self-reliant. Repair your own car, grow your own vegetables; you are your best resource.

Got Debt? You Shouldn’t!

If you built up debt in the first place, that’s unfortunate. Of course, you have to worry about the things that have to be paid like rent, food, utilities, etc. But aside from that, get rid of debt as fast as you possibly can.

It May Take More Than One Job

Even longtime United States residents are finding that one job isn’t always enough. Don’t be surprised if, in order to save money or send enough of it back home, you need to get another form of employment.

Don’t Be Shy about Where You Shop

Throughout America there are Dollar Stores, Family Dollars, Everything’s a Dollar, etc. You can save big money by shopping at discount stores.

Get an Education – Learn a Trade

By getting a college education or degree from a trade school, you can begin to prepare yourself to one day own your own business. With no education, you’ll be working low-paying jobs for the rest of your life.

Whether you have mastered your wealth building skills, remember that it’s still important to let your loved ones back home know that you care. If you need to send money to another country, there is a safe, secure, fast, and easy way to do it. Check out Sharemoney’s Senegal money transfer service to see how to go about sending money to friends, family, or business associates in Senegal.

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