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The Central American country of Honduras was once home to the ancient civilization of the Maya. Honduran people are known to be welcoming and have a rich heritage grounded in the diverse cultures that have influenced the country over the years. Cultural etiquette plays an important role in the day to day lives of Honduran people and it is important for a visitor to be aware of the dos and don’ts. Here then are some important etiquette tips for you to keep in mind as you visit Honduras.


When you greet Honduran men, it is generally expected that you will shake their hand, especially if you are a man yourself. If you are man greeting a woman, it is wise to let the woman stretch her hand first so you are certain that she is comfortable shaking yours. If she isn’t, a simple nod of acknowledgment will do. Women will also generally shake hands with other women although good friends might hug each other. In the rural areas, you might observe two women patting each other’s upper arm with both hands as a greeting.


Hondurans are generally like most people when it comes to personal space. Good friends might pat each other’s back but most people confine touching to just the handshake. Personal space is generally kept at a respectful arm’s length. However, this might not always be possible in crowded spaces such as buses.

Tossing Items to Someone

This is something that you want to avoid while in Honduras. Most people associate this with dogs (as in tossing a bone to a dog) and it is a behavior that is generally regarded as rude. If you want to give something to someone, hand it over to them.

Titles and Salutations

Titles are often used in Honduras and if you notice someone being addressed as Dr. or Professor, it is wise to do the same to avoid giving offence. If you are there for business, remember to translate one side of your business card into Spanish as it is the language of communication.

Negotiating in Honduras

Honduran society is a very polite one and therefore most people avoid direct confrontation. If you are involved in negotiations in Honduras, be as polite as possible at all times and avoid creating conflict. Decisions also tend to be linear and move from up to down so expect that the leader of the team you are negotiating with is the one likely to make the final decision. You should avoid giving any gifts especially at the beginning of a business relationship as it might be regarded as a bribe. In an informal setting however, gifts are perfectly acceptable.


Drinking and smoking are generally accepted in Honduras although it is seen as more acceptable for men to do it than women. If you are female and walking down the street, you might get catcalls from men, something that you may regard as offensive. In Honduras, it is seen as a compliment rather than an insult although the context of this will also matter.

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