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The world-famous Rio Carnival is the largest festival in the world with a rich history and tradition that stretched back to 1723. The Rio Carnival has over the years become so famous that sometimes it is used as a national symbol as it has become almost synonymous with Brazil and is instantly recognizable as a Brazilian cultural symbol. The carnival takes place in February and we will tell you what you can expect this year at the Rio Carnival.

Samba Parades

Samba parades feature the iconic samba dances that see dance troupes from around Brazil dance as they parade down the carnival. Samba is a unique blend of music that has its roots in Africa and was brought to Brazil via the slave trade. Samba has since then become a cultural icon of Brazil and features heavily in the Rio carnival. If you are coming to the carnival, you can expect to see many samba dancers, beautifully adorned and performing varying forms of samba dances and music.

Street Parties

The Rio Carnival features numerous street parties (numbering up to 500) that take place within the carnival. These parties feature music, dance, mini parades and visitors can choose to attend as many as they can. Typically, the party starts with a group of dancers who gather at a street corner and as the crowds build up, so does the music, which will typically be played by a brass band. Eventually the party culminates in a parade with colorfully dressed dancers and floats that make the Rio Carnival so famous. Visitors can expect to buy branded merchandize from the musicians, which help them in offsetting their costs.

Global Melting Pot

As the biggest carnival in the world, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that there are huge crowds that gather for the carnival. What you might not know is the scale of the crowds that come to watch the carnival. The Brazilian government estimates that one million tourists fly in to watch the carnival. The Rio carnival thus transforms into a global melting point that you are unlikely to see at any other event in the world.

Color, Pomp, and Food

As color goes, you are not likely to see more pomp than at the Rio Carnival. The parades and the street parties take pride in the most outlandish and extravagant costumes possible and this translates to a feast of color for your eyes. Augmented by the lights and the music, the Rio Carnival stimulates your senses like nothing else has done. The Rio Carnival is also a great time to sample Brazilian cuisine and enjoy the local sights that Brazil has to offer. Restaurants will often stay open for 24 hours during the carnival and sometimes prepare special dishes that are inspired by the carnival. It is a great time to try out local dishes and get immersed in Brazilian culture and tradition.

Ultimately, the Rio carnival is like nothing you have ever seen before. No festival captures the essence of the Brazilian culture quite like the Rio Carnival does. It is also a spectacle to behold and one of those moments that remain in your mind for the rest of your life. If you are planning to go to the Rio carnival this February, remember that Sharemoney makes it easy, fast, and safe for you to receive money in Rio – in case you run out of travel funds!

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