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Brazil is known as the land of the famous Samba dance as well as the glittering street carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paolo. However, Brazil has a lot more to offer than that. Being the largest county in South America, there is a lot more that people don’t get to see. Here are some of the beautiful destinations that you should check out next time you visit Brazil.


This picturesque town is the capital of Santa Catarina and is positioned to the south of Brazil. Florianopolis boasts of magnificent beaches and tourists visit this beautiful town to soak in the sun on any one of its 60 beaches. Many visitors also love to engage in a variety of water sports such as wind surfing in the calm blue sea on its shores.


This town sits on the edge of the sprawling wetlands known as the Pantanal. These wetlands support a large variety of animals and plants, meaning that Bonito is the ideal place for the nature lover looking to see nature in all its glory. In addition to the bio diversity, Bonito offers opportunities for snorkeling and underwater exploration.

Mount Roraima

If hiking and mountain climbing is your thing, then make a beeline for Mount Roraima. This large mountain is on the border with Venezuela and is generally hard to get to, making it a great destination for those looking for something out of the normal. Mount Roraima is a wonderful place to find adventure through a solitary hike across a landscape that is largely untouched by the influence of man.


As mentioned earlier, the wetlands of the Pantanal are a crucible for an unbelievable range of life ranging from jaguars to the Marsh Deer. You can get guided tours through the Pantanal where the guide will help you identify as many species as possible. The Pantanal is a great destination for anyone who loves nature in its rawest form.

The Amazon Forest

For decades, the Amazon forest has captured the imagination of people as a mysterious place full of undiscovered wonders. In many ways that is still true. This sprawling forest that stretches across several countries is so large that it accounts for over half of the planet’s rain forest cover. It is still home to a huge range of wildlife and fauna.  Visiting the forest also helps to conserve it by giving locals who typically work as guides an income. This gives them an alternative to illegal logging that has decimated parts of this majestic forest.


The city of Curitiba defies the popular stereotype of Brazilian cities as masses of urban sprawl with minimal urban planning. The town of Curitiba is full of beautiful parks and features a top-class recycling system that minimizes pollution and landfill. The city is the capital of the state of Parana and is a great destination for the visitor looking to enjoy the delights of a safe and clean city with great culinary and cultural offerings.

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