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Halloween, though possibly not as grandiose or officially observed as religious holidays like Christmas and Easter, is a favorite among many people and in numerous countries. Different countries celebrate the occasion in different ways. From simple house decorations and trick-or-treating to massive festivals and lengthy parades, the multiple celebration methods for Halloween in South America are as diversified as the people doing the celebrating. But bring your wallet because you’ll be having so much fun at these festivities, you’ll end up bringing home plenty of souvenirs for those who couldn’t attend.

Halloween in Columbia

The American culture and the way that Halloween is celebrated here has had a strong influence on Columbia’s Halloween festivities. For the most part, the capital of Colombia, Bogota, is where is this country’s celebrations for Halloween take place. Massive festivities, parties, and imaginative costumes all go into Bogota’s traditional and current celebrations. To further celebrate Halloween, there is an annual Moto Halloween Party in which enthusiasts of motorcycling dress up in costume and motor throughout Cali.

Halloween in Brazil

Traditionally, October 31, or Halloween, was never a big cause for celebration where Brazilians were concerned. But, inch by inch, they began jumping on the big Halloween bash bandwagon. Traditionally, during the first couple of days of November, the Day of the Dead was officially observed. Today, Halloween in Brazil is an autumn celebration that is non-religious and is signified by witches, pumpkins, trick-or-treating, costume parties and the like – particularly in larger cities. It now shares Brazilian celebratory space with spiritual rituals of spring time in Brazil such as Finados and dia de Todos os Santos.

Halloween in Chile

The story here is much the same as with Brazil. Traditionally, Halloween was not a big deal but Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, had been observed for a long time. Today, Chile is celebrating Halloween right along with Brazil and includes such attractions as art exhibits, film screenings, beer festivals, and the more commonly used celebratory techniques such as those listed under Brazil.

Halloween in Peru

In America, orange and black are pretty traditional colors when it comes to Halloween. But in Peru, thanks to a famous painting called Lord of Miracles, many people dress in purple throughout the entire month of October. On the 31st, it is not uncommon to hear children chanting on the doorsteps of local homes – “Halloween, Halloween, Halloween”.

Adults, on the other hand, find their way into local bars and restaurants for more grown-up celebration. Nowhere, however, will you hear the term “trick-or-treat”. Possibly, that is because Halloween is taking a backseat of sorts to the more traditional celebrations of Peru’s Senor de los Milagros and El Dia de la Cancion Criolla. No matter, small children parade around and adults perform the national dance during this time of festivity – regardless of what you refer to it as.

What most of these celebrations and traditions have in common is that it takes at least some amount of money to truly enjoy and take advantage of the celebratory opportunities to the fullest possible extent. If, while taking part in the festivities, you find yourself in need of cash, what can you do? The answer is simple. Tell the people back home about Sharemoney. This way, they can send you the money you need quickly and securely so that the fun doesn’t stop until the celebration is over!

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