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The opportunity to travel with the entire family is a precious one in deed. It will create memories that last a lifetime. One of the most invigorating and awe-inspiring places of all for a family vacation is Argentina. There’s always plenty to see and do.

Remember to bring plenty of spending money so that you are well prepared. Of course, you can always call home (the United States) if you need someone to help you out with a little extra pocket change. Now let’s take a look at some family-friendly locations to visit in Argentina.

The Peninsula Valdes

When you talk about Argentina and its nature areas, this is likely the most well-known of them all. At first glance, it doesn’t even seem like there would be much harbor life available for viewing. At closer look, however, that inhospitable looking, barren land gives way to surrounding oceans which encompass this peninsula.

The Iguazu Falls

At Argentina’s most northern point sits Iguazu Falls. These falls, along with the province of Misiones, are surrounded by an assortment of countries on every side. The tourist trail to Argentina would be incomplete without this visitor staple. It is a favorite among not only tourists but locals as well. Highly visited, this is one of the greatest wonders of nature in the world and appropriate for all ages.

El Chalten and El Calafate 

When you talk about Argentina and family-friendly places to visit, one of the most famous in the entire area is El Calafate. It sits at the Southern Ice Fields’ very edge, along with its neighbor El Chalten, and is considered one of the most massive bodies of ice on earth. Use careful planning when considering this visit because it is has enjoyed a considerable increase in tourist interest.

With bays to the south and north, the Valdes Peninsula offers a stopping point laced with tranquility. This serenity is enjoyed by not only the tourists but whales, as well. In order to get away from the harsh Atlantic swells that interfere with their mating and nursing, these magnificent creatures frequent the location, making for wondrous sites for the entire family.

Bariloche and the Lake District

In all of Argentina, this is one of the loveliest areas in existence. The quaint little alpine town of Bariloche boasts magnificent surrounding mountains and lakes. One of the things that makes the Argentine Lake District standout so significantly is the fact that it differs so greatly from other areas of Argentina that are starved of moisture and rains.

Time For the Grownups

For a little adult time, consider Mendoza in the wine region. When it comes to the words ‘Mendoza’ and a ‘wine’, Argentinians consider them very nearly interchangeable. As far as red wine production in Argentina is concerned, Mendoza’s wine region is the indisputable capital. If you enjoy partaking in a little wine, or simply have an interest in food and viticulture, this is an absolute must-see.

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