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Known for its spectacular beaches, picturesque sceneries, and captivating landmarks, Brazil is one of the most famous tourist destinations worldwide. What makes a trip to the country truly amazing are the following epic places that make locals become secretive.

Trinidade Coastal Area

A place that has become popular to surfers and tourists, who want to experience fun and adventure while basking under the sun. Trinidade is one of Brazil’s most enjoyable tourist destinations. It is congested especially during the weekends with a portion of the traffic coming from surf-loving locals. It is recommended that you pay a visit to this tourist destination on less busy weekdays. Among other things, you will surely want to get to know Ranchose, Meio, Cachadaco, Cepiho, and other picturesque beaches in Trinidade.

Amazon’s Flooded Forest

This rainforest has become popular to tourists who want to explore nature. This spot has become even more famous to visitors, because in it, you will see how two distinct colors of the famous Rio Solimoes and Rio Negro meet at the center. Of course, you will surely be fascinated with the towering trees that protect the rainforest from the harsh weather elements.

Ilha de Marajó Fluvial Island

Ranked as the largest among fluvial islands all over the world, Ilha de Marajó is a famous tourist destination for people who are looking for breathtaking natural diversity. Inside it, you will see how water buffalos enjoy the environment that allows them to roam freely. This tropical paradise will allow you to understand Brazil better. You will be able to appreciate how local potters create ceramics as well as become captivated with the spectacular beaches, igarapes, and forested river inlets within this tourist destination.

Petrópolis in Rio de Janeiro

From the busy life of Rio De Janeiro, a lot of locals head to Petrópolis whenever they are given the chance to do so. You will find serenity in the refreshing mountain backdrops as well as find calmness in the flowing water from cascading waterfalls within the tourist spot. You will surely feel like you are in Europe when you visit this place, especially once you catch a glimpse of arching bridges built over its canals.

The Other ‘Rio’

Besides Rio de Janeiro, you will find another ‘Rio’ in Brazil – Rio Bonito. Located about a hundred kilometers away from the iconic city, this is one of those places where you can enjoy the best that the country can offer. This tourist spot is a combination of flora and fauna as well as landforms and waterfalls that will captivate your hearts. You can also hike along Rio Bonito’s trails or simply gaze at the ever-lovely forest retreat inside it. Adventure seekers can also try the solid hang-gliding ramp in this destination.

Presidente Figueiredo in the Amazon Jungle

Breathe in some fresh air in this tourist spot, which happens to be the home of hundreds of waterfalls in Brazil. Inside it, you can rappel, climb trees, hike, kayak, and raft to your heart’s content. You even get the chance to explore and spend the night with friends on its treetops.

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