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Oh, love, it knows no bounds. Long-distance relationships can be tough. Possibly you have an Ecuadorian girlfriend that spends as much time back home with her family as she goes with you in the United States. It’s a sad tale but true for many. There may be times when your girlfriend is visiting family back home, that she needs a little bit of funding. Do you know what’s a good way to go about helping her out?

But first… it’s not hard to understand why your girlfriend would want to go back to Ecuador. Not only does she have family back there but Ecuador, on the whole, is a thoroughly enjoyable place to spend some time. Ecuador is relatively close to the United States, the climate is magnificent, and the cost of living is affordable. There are quiet roads leading to small organic farms and quaint villages. There are streams and nature trails ideal for hiking or walking the family pet. Horses graze in scenic pastures. What’s not to love?

But time has not entirely left Ecuador behind. There are Targets and Home Depots to shop at, as well as any number of quick-eats places for the fast food junkie. And for tourists, the Machalilla National Park, Yasuni National Park, and Cotopaxi National Park are perfect examples of how beauty, nature, and architecture can make the perfect tourist attraction. Yes, Ecuador is an amazing place to live and visit. Now let’s find out how to send your Ecuadorian girlfriend some money when she’s visiting family and friends.

How Do You Pick the Right Money Transfer Service?

An inexpensive or low transaction fee is a good starting point when trying to choose the best money transfer service. You don’t want to pay a lot just to move a little bit of money. Your second consideration can be that, once you begin using this transfer service for funds, there will not be any hidden charges. Sometimes, deduction fees are imposed on remittance websites. What’s worse, they can show up even after you have already forfeited the required fees. Additionally, a transfer service that provides a good exchange rate is preferable.

Affordable transaction fees and no hidden charges are two of the many characteristics of Sharemoney. For each transaction, there will be a minimum fixed fee. That’s it. And Sharemoney offers excellent exchange rates.

How Will Your Girlfriend Get the Money?

If you send funds to your girlfriend back in Ecuador, there are a couple of ways that she can get the money. If she wants to simply pick up the cash, there are six locations at which she can do that. It is highly likely that one of these locations will be close by to where she is staying or spending most of her time. If you would rather deposit it in a bank, there are three options for that method. Many bank deposits can be taken care of in as little as 15 minutes. And there are many cash pickup locations she can choose from to receive the remittance.

So if your girlfriend is back home in Ecuador, she needs a little bit of cash, do not be dismayed. Thanks to Sharemoney, you can get her the money she needs in no time at all – quickly and securely!

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