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Old research shows that more than 15 million people, who were born in India, are living and working abroad. However, today, the number of Indians living in a country other than where they were born has undergone a 41 percent increase and has now reached over 240 million. Other than the United States, Indian nationals have also chosen to live or work in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Germany. Indians that have chosen to work and live overseas are often drawn to the higher living standard, and the possibility of earning higher wages.

If you are currently working in the United States to seek better life opportunities but you have loved ones still living in India, it is pertinent that you find ways to continuing providing for them. Can’t seem to find an easy way to do this? Sharemoney is an online money transfer platform you can count on to make the online remittance process a hassle-free one.

Sending Money Online to India via Sharemoney

When you start living and working in a foreign country, there will be more responsibilities to fulfill, such as sending money to your loved ones in India. There may be days when it is just too inconvenient for you to facilitate a money transfer. At Sharemoney, we would like to say that you are not alone and we are familiar with the troubles you have been through in the past. In addition, we want to inform you that you no longer have to experience these difficulties. What’s more, we only charge a minimal fee when you send money to your loved ones abroad.

Why is Sharemoney So Affordable?

Sure, there is a great array of online money remittance businesses out there that one can use. But are you sure that you have the time to compare which business provides affordable solutions? If you wish to enjoy low fees while sending money from the US to your loved ones in India, look no further than Sharemoney – our online remittance fees start at only $3.99! What’s more, we offer competitive exchange rates from USD to Indian Rupees and your loved ones will receive the entire amount you transferred them.

How to Use Our Cheap Money Remittance Service to India

Before you can send money to your loved ones in India, you have to register an account with us first – it’s free! As you complete the online application form, it’s important that you provide us with accurate personal information. We will be using pieces of this information to facilitate future transactions as well as verify your account when needed.

If your loved ones do not have a bank account in India, no worries, there is a great array of cash pickup locations in India. You can browse through our website and pick a cash pickup location that is nearest to your recipient. What’s more, depending on the location, you may even opt for the direct-to-door delivery method. For more information on how Sharemoney’s money transfer works, feel free to check out our ‘How it Works’ page.

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