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The Dominican Republic is recognized as a sovereign state that occupies the two-thirds of the eastern part of the Hispaniola Island. The sovereign state has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Americas, which is mostly dominated by services. Economic matters aside, the Dominican Republic are also known for its warm and hospitable people. With a rich culture, an intriguing history, and an astounding nature, the Dominican Republic is a destination like no other.

For many years, many Dominicans, who were seeking better career opportunities, have ventured to other countries, including the United States. That’s why Sharemoney understands that there is a need to make the process of sending money remittance to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic fast, easy, and in a cost-effective manner. Today, we are pleased to announce that one of the banks you can send money to include Banco BHD.

How to Send Money Remittance to Your Loved Ones in Dominican Republic

At Sharemoney, we are a leading and reliable online money transfer service provider in the United States. Since our inception, we have partnered with a long list of money delivery services, cash pickup location partners, and banks in many countries worldwide, the Dominican Republic included. If you want to use our services to send money to your loved ones in this country, you can rest assured that it is extremely easy to do so. For starters, you need to create an account with us. All we need is your personal and account information. We will use the information you’ve provided while ensuring confidentiality at all times. Once we have everything verified, you can start enjoying our fast and easy money remittance services.

About Banco BHD

Banco BHD S.A. was founded in 1972, and is a modern and commercial bank based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Money remittance is not the only financial expertise Banco BHD has, as it also offers stellar depositary and loan services – this is possible because it operates as a subsidiary of Centro Financiero BHD.

Bank Swift Code: BCBHDOSDXXX

Using Banco BHD to Facilitate the Money Remittance

At Sharemoney, we have chosen to partner with Banco BHD as they have achieved a consistent track record of being a strong remittance provider. By using Banco BHD to facilitate your money remittance, you can now ensure that your recipients can receive the money when they need them the most. For example, financial emergencies. What’s more, Banco BHD has branches that are conveniently located across the Dominican Republic. Your loved ones will be able to claim your remittance in a location near them.

You can rest assured that both Sharemoney and Banco BHD share the same commitment when it comes to facilitating money remittances. Other than just allowing you to send money remittances, we continually strive to allow our clients to let their loved ones know how much they want to provide for them and miss them through our services. We want you to know that you have chosen a great partner for all your money remittance needs. Start sending your remittances through us today because there’s a starting fee of only $4.99 per transaction and you get to benefit from competitive exchange rates.

Experience a great way of sending money online to Banco BHD now!

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