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The Dominican Republic reportedly has some of the most memorable beaches and coastline sights.

If you think you may be taking a trip to the Dominican Republic in the future, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the native culture and proper etiquette. It will help you to greater appreciate the trip and help you avoid insulting someone in the process. There’s a lot of information here, so get ready!

Gift Giving And Tipping

You’ll want to exchange your U.S. dollars for Dominican Pesos because that’s what you’ll use to tip. And tipping (or gift giving) is extremely advisable. A 10-15% gratuity may be automatically added to your bill in some places so be sure to check. U.S. dollars can be exchanged at hotels, banks, airports, etc.

Speaking The Language

Make, at the very least, an honest effort to speak a little Spanish. Por favor (please) and gracias (thank you) go a long way. You’ll make more friends and get better service. Grab an English-to-Spanish app for your phone if need be.

The Political Climate

Know ahead of time that the citizens here are held to some pretty stiff regulations. The right to assembly and freedom of speech that most Americans enjoy do not necessarily apply in the Dominican Republic.

How To Dress For Success

No one minds tourists in their beachwear. As long as it’s worn at the beach. Social events being held away from the beach call for casual attire.

Brush Up On Your Manners

Keep the kissing and hugging to just your partner. Salutations of “good day’, “good night”, and “nice to meet you” are sufficient, as well as a handshake. Remember to say it in Spanish whenever possible. Direct eye contact when meeting and greeting is perfectly acceptable here.

And whereas you may feel just fine dining out alone as a female, going to clubs and bars should be done with a known male companion, if possible, or in a group of friends that agrees to stick together.

What Time Is It?

Time isn’t so much a major worry here. Particularly in social situations, people are more relaxed with schedules and appointments.

Significant Laws

Though very loosely enforced, the legal drinking age in the Dominican Republic is 18 years of age. The same can be said for the legal smoking age. Do not get caught with illegal drugs here, however. These laws are very strictly enforced and could land you in a local jail – and you don’t want to spend time in a Dominican jail.

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