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A haven of adventure that it is, anyone who purposes to travel to Costa Rica understands that it is not just a ‘normal’ getaway destination, but a domain boasting nights of rainforest beauty, and days of treetop adventure. Costa Rica is by far a destination for idealistic adventurists, primed by eco-savvy travelers as well as those who just want a couple of days away from the city life. While the mountainside promises all manner of activity, from canopy tours to surfing to swimming to fishing, the less adventurous folk can also enjoy the natural springs and the beaches of the coasts. Here’s a look at the kind of travel adventures awaiting you in Costa Rica:

Canopy Flight through the Thick Jungle

The exhilarating experience of the zip-lines of the Costa Rican forest is a must-do for many adventurous travelers. A unique canopy tour package featuring platforms joined together by thick cables brings masses of people to this side of the world, where the participants, strapped to the harnesses are released to glide above the canopy. While other countries have the same, the ones in places like Selvatura Park promise to have the best in height, speed, and views.

Conquering the Volcano

The infamous Ring of Fire is part of the Costa Rican tour destinations, and is the nurturing ground for the ever present volcanic activity, five of which are currently active. The daring would choose to hike or ride horses to the top of some of these active volcanoes, most famous being Poas, while the rest can take a drive to the destination. Pip over the edge to have a view of the crater’s activity. Arenal’s Cone however, poses as the most dangerous, even for adventure travelers. As such, you should only watch the lava’s tendrils at a safe distance when the clouds break. But what a sight to behold!

Rainforest Night Exploration

Exploring the dense rainforest is for the daring. Illuminated only by your faithful flashlight, you will be ushered to the most tranquil forest you have ever laid eyes on. The lush forests are a good sport for a night walk, in eager expectation of the crashing waterfall view, the unusual wildlife and a mammoth array of species of monkeys. Never be surprised when you come across some of the nocturnal creatures like snakes, frogs and bats as you hike through its terrain. Corocovado National Park, and Monteverede Cloud Forest are great spots to see the rainforest in the dark.

Ride the Rapid

Here, you can find something for both the novice and the far experienced adventurists. The rapids are not only graced with the world’s best white waters, but also a splendid view of the countryside. Sarapiqui and Corobici are famous for the wildlife view from the waters, and it’s common to find an iguana basking in the sun while you wade the waters. For the more experienced riders, Reventazon River is at your disposal. Being named as one of the world’s best rivers for rafting, riders here have a great time enjoying the ‘bursting wave’ (as the name suggests), formed by the random combination of rock and water.

With so many travel adventures in Costa Rica for the bold-hearted, you will certainly be spoilt for choice. If you happen to run out of travel money in this country because you want to extend your vacation, you can certainly fuel your budget with quick help by your friends and family in the United States. Just check out what Sharemoney can do for you in Costa Rica!



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