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There are many reasons to use Sharemoney. As a trusted online money transfer service, we continually strive to make it easy, fast (done in just two minutes!), and cheap (send for as low as $4.99) to send money online to your loved ones in El Salvador. We understand the various challenges that overseas workers face. Our leading remittance solution and services are geared toward making our clients’ lives easier. Through us, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience when send money to El Salvador. Apart from bank deposits, our clients are served by a wide range of Fedecredito cash pickup locations in El Salvador as well. Here’s what you need to know:

About El Salvador

The Republic of El Salvador is a mountainous country located in Central America. The country is bordered by Guatemala, Honduras, and the Pacific Ocean. Due to the country’s frequent volcanic activity and earthquakes, it has the nickname: Land of Volcanoes. Approximately half of the country’s population (Salvadorans) live in the countryside. Today, about three million Salvadorans work and live in the United States. Additionally, a lot of them send remittances to El Salvador. When it comes to El Salvador’s economy, beef, shrimp, rice, corn, sugar, and coffee are the country’s main agricultural products. Due to the rising challenges of poverty, natural disasters, and crime, more Salvadorans are expected to work overseas.

Prefer to Get Things Done in Cash? Sharemoney Has Got You Covered!

At Sharemoney, we understand that some of our clients’ family members do not own a bank account in El Salvador. However, that does not cause for worry. We offer alternatives other than just bank deposits. Today, you can facilitate transfers via our cash pickup option. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that there is an abundance of cash pickup locations across the country. One of the banks that service these locations is Fedecredito De C. V. This delivery option offers increased convenience. No more long commutes to retrieve one’s funds. Here is a quick look at the available locations:

  • Acajutla
  • Agencia Ahuachapan Centro
  • Ahuachapan
  • Atiquizaya
  • Berlin
  • Caja Express Cacaopera
  • Candelaria De La Frontera
  • Agencia El Coyolito
  • San Agustin
  • La Unión
  • Agencia Metrocentro S.S
  • Multi Inversiones Mi Banco
  • Primer Banco De Los Trabajadores
  • … and more!

Track Your Remittances Easily

Finished a transaction? Great! Now is the time to inform your recipient that he or she can track the money you have sent them. Simply give them the Money Transfer Number (MTN) that comes with your transaction. Next, use our Money Tracker feature or visit our global website to receive the latest updates.

Sharemoney is a Trusted Partner for Remittances to El Salvador

When you transfer money online through Sharemoney, it is not only a pleasant experience that you will get. We ensure that no money is wasted, i.e. hidden fees, expensive transfer fees, etc. These things do not exist here. Since the official currency in El Salvador, there are no currency exchange rates to worry about. To maintain our clients’ trust, you can be sure that we practice transparency regarding payment matters.

Send Money Online Now to El Salvador with Our Cash Pickup Method!

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