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If you need to send money to Peru, Sharemoney is the online money transfer platform that you can trust. When it comes to send money online to the country, our services are cheap. Oftentimes, the fees that you need to pay start from $4.99. This is cheap compared to other platforms providing similar services. Since our inception, our loyal customer base is comprised of a wide array of Peruvians, who are working abroad (e.g. in the United States). We understand your need for a reliable remittance solution that offers a hassle-free experience. That’s why we are constantly improving our services in this field. One way to send money online to Peru is to take advantage of our Elektra cash pickup locations in Peru Here’s what you need to know:

About Peru

Officially known as the Republic of Peru, it is the third largest country in South America. It has a population of more than 30,147,000 residents and the official languages are Spanish and Quechua. Lima is the capital of Peru and the major rivers that pass through the country include Madre de Dios, Ucayali, and Amazon. Peru is home to a wide array of landscapes, including rain forests, deserts, beaches, and mountains.

Although Peru is a very old country, it is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of natural resources, including iron, lead, zinc, copper, silver, gold, and (in smaller portions) natural gas and reserves of oil. Unfortunately, jobs are hard to come by in Peru. That’s why many Peruvians choose to work abroad.

Prefer to Get Things Done in Cash? Sharemoney Has Got You Covered!

Some of our clients’ family members do not own a bank account in Peru. That’s why we have partnered with many different reputable cash pickup providers in the country. One of them is Elektra. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that there is a wide range of Elektra cash pickup locations to choose from. Your loved ones can easily select a cash pickup location that is near to their home. Here is a quick look at the available locations:

  • TSF Arequipas Chavez
  • Punto Azteca Casa Grande
  • Ba Ekt Barranca Peru
  • H Ceramico Ventanilla
  • TSF Cañete Imperial
  • Ba Ekt Cuzco La Cultura
  • TSF Huancayo Giraldez
  • Ba Ekt Canto Grande
  • Ba Ekt San Juan L Proceres
  • H Ceramico San Juan De Lurigancho
  • TSF General Garzon
  • TSF Enmancipacion De Peru
  • TSF Villa El Salvador 2
  • Ba Ekt Sanchez Cerro
  • Ba Ekt Trujillo El Porvenir
  • … and more!

Easy Online Money Transfer Process: Send, Track, and then Collect!

When you use Sharemoney’s services, everything can be completed online. Yes, you heard that right! You no longer need to make long commutes to physical remittance outlets. All you need is a tablet/laptop/smartphone and a reliable Internet connection. You will be done in two minutes!

After you have completed a transaction, you will be given a Money Transfer Number (MTN). It can be used to track the status of your recent transfer. You can do so via our global website or Money Tracker feature.

Sharemoney: Your Leading Choice for Online Money Transfers to Peru

We offer many benefits when it comes to sending money to your loved ones in Peru. For example, we do not charge any exchange fees. This means that you can send USD directly to Peru! What’s more, there are no hidden fees. You will know what you need to pay from the get-go.

Send Money Online Now to Peru with Our Cash Pickup Method!

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