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Living and working in the United States far from your loved ones in Peru can be considered a great sacrifice on your part. But of course, with the many job opportunities in this country, you will never have second thoughts trying your luck here. With the money you are making in here, it’s natural that you want to send back some of it to your loved ones back home. The good news is you can always rely on Sharemoney’s convenient cash pickup locations in Peru for your money remittances.

Sharemoney and Our Money Remittance Service

Sharemoney, the online money transfer service on Omnex Group, Inc., is a money transfer website where you can send money from the US to your loved ones in different countries we are working with. With a basic fee starting from only $4.99, you can send money to Peru right when your loved one needs them. It’s easy to explore our website to understand how our services work. Once you are a regular user, you can always send money to different recipients in Peru. Their account information will be stored in our website so you can use them anytime in the future without having to key in the details again each time.

Sending Money Remittances to Your Loved Ones in Peru

Some of you may have second thoughts using money remittance services online with the fear that your transaction will be declined if your loved one does not have an existing bank account with any of the banks in Peru that we are working with. While we have partnered with these banks, you can still enjoy an alternative when sending money to your loved ones in the country who do not have bank accounts with any of these institutions. Just choose one of Sharemoney’s cash pickup locations to help your recipients get cash in an instant!

Some of our remittance partners in Peru include those of Banco de Credito del Peru, Elektra and Jet Peru. They, in turn, will distribute the funds to your recipients who do not have a bank account with our partner banks. Your recipient simply needs to present his or her identification card to facilitate the release of the cash. He or she can also choose the convenient cash pickup location without having to worry about traveling too far to get the cash.

Tracking the Status of the Remittance

To make everything even easier for you and your loved ones in Peru, our online processor assigns a unique Money Transfer Number or MTN corresponding to your transaction. You should have this number to help you track the status of the remittance. You can give the same number to your loved ones so they can track the money you sent them. We have a global website that your recipients can access from their own computers or smartphones so they can check on the remittance status.

Now that you know about Sharemoney, you no longer have to suffer inconvenience when transferring money to your loved ones in Peru. Use our services now and see how we differ from other money remittance services online!

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