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If you’re from the Dominican Republic and you’re living in the US, chances are you will have come not only for the many things to do and see but also for the fantastic career opportunities and excellent jobs. The US is often called ‘The Land of Opportunity’ and not for no reason!

When you’re out here working and earning successfully, you might decide you want to send some money back home to the Dom Rep. Or perhaps you live in the US and you have a family member traveling abroad who needs the cash?

Either way, we’re proud to introduce Sharemoney as the most convenient and powerful way to send money abroad. In this post, we’re going to be spotlighting one of our key features – the ability to send cash and to have it picked up from different locations in the Dominican Republic.

What is Sharemoney?

Sharemoney is a website we have created to make life simpler for those who regularly need to send money abroad. Sharemoney has the lowest rates around (starting at $2.99 for the basic fee) and excellent conversions.

Our website is also designed to be fast and simple to use. For instance, we have a ‘QuickSend’ option, which means you can store the details of your most common recipients. This way, you never have to re-enter their information each time you need to make a transaction.

What’s more, Sharemoney is highly versatile and makes the process of sending and receiving money much easier for those who perhaps don’t have access to a local bank or who prefer to receive the money in cash.

Sending Cash to the Dominican Republic

When you choose to send cash to the Dominican Republic, you will basically make a transfer to one of our partner companies in that country, who then distribute it to your recipient. To deliver the cash, we will use our remittance partners Caribe Express and Remesas Dominicanas who we’ve been working with for years and they are fantastically reliable when it comes to distributing your funds quickly.

Through this network, your transfer will be available at one of our many pickup locations in the Dominican Republic. In other words, your recipient will be certain to be able to get to a convenient location where they can collect the money – forget jaunts halfway across the country!

And what if that isn’t good enough? In that case you can opt for our secure Home Delivery service (available only in select countries, including the Dominican Republic) and have the money turn up right at your beneficiary’s doorstep.

In the meantime, while your recipients wait to receive their cash, they’ll be able to track the status and location of the money using Sharemoney’s Money Tracker feature. This ensures you’re never left in the dark about where the money has gone or how long it should take to reach its destination.

Sharemoney is the fastest and most reliable way to send money abroad and the most convenient way to send cash to the Dominican Republic by far. Try our services today!

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