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Many individuals from all over the world, including Mexico, have found green pasture in the US. Our great country has opened its doors to both skilled and non-skilled workers alike, giving everybody an equal chance to succeed in this nation. However, it’s hard not to think about your loved ones in Mexico while you are working here, but you can always let them know that you can still provide for them.

The good news is that you can make use of Sharemoney which is a convenient online money transfer platform that allows you to send money to Mexico within minutes. Your loved ones in Mexico do not even need a bank account to get money via Sharemoney as we have various cash pickup locations that will work for their convenience.

Sharemoney’s Money Transfer Services

Sharemoney is a trusted service offered by the widely acclaimed Omnex Group to make transferring money cheaper and faster to your loved ones abroad. This makes it a real convenient choice for facilitating money transfers online. Our very low rates starting from $3.99 prove that we offer a cheaper option than many of our competitors.

Also, knowing that your loved ones can receive their money in a matter of minutes prove our speediness when compared to other money transfer options you will find online. Not to forget that your loved ones can get the amount you send in US dollars converted to MXN at competitive exchange rates!


Our Cash Pickup Partners in Mexico

Sending money via Sharemoney to your loved ones in Mexico can be done using a number of methods, and a convenient way is to let your loved ones pick up the funds from a cash pickup location in Mexico. We have partnered with many cash pickup brands in Mexico, offering you and your loved ones more convenience to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Among the list of companies we have partnered with for this delivery method include Aurrera, Banco Santander, Farmacias Guadalajara, Intermex, Warmart and Woolworth.

Funding Your Online Money Transfers

Choosing from one of the cash pickup locations we have listed in our page is just part of the convenience you will enjoy when sending money to your loved ones in Mexico. We also allow you to choose the correct funding option for your transaction. Currently, you can use your own US bank account, debit card and credit card to fund your remittance transaction. Note that the debit card funding method is a cheaper and more preferred method for this purpose.

All in all, using Sharemoney and our cash pickup locations in Mexico can indeed offer you a lot of convenience. You simply need to fill up our online form to create an account with us. Once your details are verified and your transaction has completed, your money becomes available for your recipient in a matter of minutes – ready to be picked up at any of the well-appointed locations we have in Mexico!

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