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Sharemoney, a service of Omnex Group, Inc.,  always makes sure that you get fast and cheap money transfer services online. In order to facilitate your transactions, you can choose from various delivery methods. We have home delivery options to countries where our services are available, including El Salvador. Learn more about the convenient cash pickup locations we have in El Salvador.

Trusted El Salvador Brands Sharemoney has Partnered with

Since we want to make sure you can conveniently make a transfer to your loved ones abroad, we have partnered with the most convenient cash pickup locations in El Salvador as well. Among the names we have partnered with in this regard are the following:

  1. Citi Remesas. Citi Remesas is known for helping recipients get their money remittances without much hassle. They value the money you have worked hard for thus they exert every effort they can to safely handle the cash up until it reaches your beneficiary.
  2. Elektra opened its stores in 1997 in El Salvador as part of expanding its business. If your loved one frequents this store then you can choose this cash pickup location so that they can easily receive the money you sent them.
  3. Originally founded to help eradicate the funding problems of farmers and small producers, Fedecredito has expanded its business and is now one of the trusted names that Sharemoney has partnered with for cash pickup transactions (apart from bank transfers of course)
  4. One of the top 4 banks in El Salvador, Scotiabank provides not just great services for its depositors but also for those who want to claim remittances but do not have bank accounts with them.

How to Start Your Transaction

We encourage that you browse through our pages so that you can understand very well how our money transfer services work. Basically, all you need is open a free account with us. By opening a free account, you can easily choose the cash pickup locations we have partnered with in El Salvador. Also, this account gives you access to making future transactions to other countries we are doing business with. Your account information needs to be verified first before you can continue with your transaction. This will take three days but is just a one-time process. Meaning, you do not need to go through the same process for your next transactions.

What Makes Sharemoney a Convenient Choice?

Sharemoney is a convenient choice for those of you wanting to send money to your loved ones who have no bank accounts in any of the banks we have partnered with in El Salvador. Just by using our convenient cash pickup locations in El Salvador, your recipients can enjoy the money you have sent. For a fee starting at only $4.99, your loved ones get the money you sent in full. From there, they can claim the money in the local currency.

Making the transaction even more convenient for you, Sharemoney gives your loved ones the chance to check the status of the money you have sent via our global website using the Money Transfer Number or MTN corresponding to your transaction.

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