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Today, getting employed in the United States is a dream come true for many Ecuadorians. In fact, when an opportunity comes knocking, many Ecuadorians will travel to the US for work, even if it means being away from their loved ones in Ecuador. This is because they know that by seizing such a chance, they will be able to make life better for their family back home.

Many migrant workers worry about how to send their money back home every month from the US. The good news is that with Sharemoney’s online money transfer service to Ecuador, all Ecuadorians in the US can now send funds home easily and affordably.

Understanding Sharemoney and Our Services

Sharemoney is recognized as one of the leading online money transfer platforms when it comes to money remittance from the US to Ecuador. What makes us stand out from all other options is the fact that when we promise to give you a stellar money transfer experience, we live by this promise. All you need to do to start sending money to your loved ones abroad is to create an account with us by pressing on the ‘Get Started’ button and filling up the information needed to facilitate your money transfer. Once you have an account with us, sending money to your loved ones in Ecuador is an hassle-free process.

Sending Money to Ecuador with Sharemoney

Sending money to Ecuador via Sharemoney can be done in two ways. The first is through bank deposit via the banks we have partnered with. This option is recommended if your loved one has an account with one of the major banks that uses our services. Using this, your loved one will be able to receive the money in around 15 to 30 minutes (during their bank’s hours of operation).

The other option is to send your funds through a cash pickup service which is a convenient choice for those of you whose loved ones do not have a bank account with any of our partner banks or would rather go to a nearby location to get their cash.

Our Cash Pickup Locations in Ecuador

We have partnered with many well-known cash pickup agencies in Ecuador including Citi Remesas, Corporaciones Unidas del Austro, Easypagos and Travelpack International Couriers among others. Each company has their branches all over Ecuador allowing you to choose the ideal pickup location that is most convenient for your loved ones.

When you choose to use the cash pickup option to send money to your family or friends, you simply have to instruct your loved ones regarding what to do. First, inform them about the cash pickup location you have chosen. Together with a valid ID, your loved one must also know the Folio # corresponding to your transaction to claim the remittance (the Folio Number can be found in your receipt). He or she can use the Money Transfer Number (also found in your receipt) to track the money via our global Sharemoney website too. Simply tell the cash pickup agent that they are expecting a money transfer via Sharemoney and they can get the full amount that you have transferred.

Our fees start from $3.99 without your recipient incurring any additional fee. In as fast as as 15 minutes, your loved ones can start enjoying the money you are sending them. So start using Sharemoney’s money transfer services to Ecuador today and let your recipients claim the money in a flash!

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