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The Republic of Honduras is a country located in Central America. Honduras means great depths in Spanish and was named by Christopher Columbus. In Honduras, approximately a third of the economy is derived from agriculture, with coffee being recognized as the biggest export. The export and sale of bananas have also contributed a significant percentage of the income brought into the country.

Today, it is common to find many Hondurans moving out of the country to work abroad, in countries such as the United States. Individuals choose this route as they want to secure a future for their families. If you are alone and working in a foreign country, one of the things that’s constantly on your mind may be about taking care of your family. For example, sending money back home so that your loved ones can get daily necessities with ease. At Sharemoney, we have made sending money online safe, easy, and fast; what’s more there are many Banco De Occidente cash pickup locations in Honduras that make collecting the money convenient!

Check Out Our Convenient Cash Pickup Locations in Honduras

Cash pickup is a great alternative if one’s recipient does not own a bank account. Don’t worry. Your loved ones do not have to travel far to collect the money you have sent them. As Sharemoney works with a wide range of cash pickup providers, you and your recipient can easily locate one that’s near to those concerned. In this regard, one of your options is Banco De Occidente. Below is quick look at the available locations:

  • Autobanco Centro Choluteca
  • Supermercado Su Hogar
  • San Francisco
  • Dulce Nombre, Copan
  • Aduana El Amatillo
  • El Poy, Ocotepeque
  • Calle Del Comercio
  • La Antorcha
  • Autobanco La Entrada
  • San Juan Pueblo
  • … and many more!

Why Is Sharemoney A Top Choice for Sending Money Online To Honduras?

Since our inception, Sharemoney has been the leading choice for sending money online to Honduras. Below are some reasons that explain why:

  • It’s the convenience factor. In addition to helping our customers save more money, our remittance platform is also designed to help them save time. Our users can transfer money to their loved ones via their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. They do not have to wait to make emergency money transfers. Everything can happen on the spot and within a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Another trait we have is the provision of flexible funding options. Our customers can fund their transfers using their debit card (recommended); credit card; or bank account. You can check out our How it Works page for more information.
  • As mentioned, our services are cheap. Sharemoney charges as low as $4.99 for our customers’ transaction. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that there are no hidden charges. Your recipients will get the money in full.

Always Enjoy An Easy Money Transfer Process With Sharemoney

If we perform online money transfers, we would want to track it too. That’s why senders and their recipients can use our Money Tracker feature or Sharemoney’s global website. Simply enter the Money Transfer Number (MTN) and you will receive real-time updates on the transfer status.

Send Money Online Now to Banco De Occidente with Our Cash Pickup Method!

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