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Known as the vibrant pulse of West Africa, Senegal is home to some of the most beautiful beaches. The combination of incredible music and a good surf makes beaches like Cap Skiring a paradise for beachgoers. In addition, the government of Senegal also initiated a tech hub with support by infoDev. An incubator was built for IT entrepreneurs in Francophone West-Africa. Despite these achievements, locals still face a number of challenges pertaining to chronic poverty.

And that’s why they choose to work overseas in countries such as the United States. If you are one of these Senegalese, it is normal that you will want to learn about cheap ways to send money remittances to your loved ones back home. Your search ends here. You can now send money online to Senegal by using Sharemoney. Find out why you should!

About Sharemoney

Sharemoney  is an online money transfer platform that can be accessed from any thousands of locations, as well as your smartphones and computers. Senegal is one of the countries that we serve so sending money from the United States is no longer difficult. Compared to other online money transfer services, we offer cheap money remittance rates on the market.

Why Sending Money Online to Senegal is Cheaper via Sharemoney

For starters, our money transfer fees start as low as $3.99. Take a quick look around and you will know why we are among the cheapest you will find online. Every time you send money online to your loved ones, you will smile knowing that the fruits of your labor are no longer subjected to hidden fees, especially when the money is claimed in Senegal. Other great benefits you will enjoy in each transfer includes better currency exchange rates from USD to XOF and the ability to perform a direct bank deposit to your loved one’s Senegalese bank account; bypassing transactional layers that may end up in certain cost incurred.

How to Use Sharemoney for Sending Money to Senegal

First, you can have a peace of mind knowing that our portal is secured with the latest security and encryption technologies. Hence, confidentiality of all important data is protected at all times. Next, you need to register an account with us via our online registration form, and it is free of charge! After all mandatory fields have been completed, kindly allow us to verify the details you have furnished us. The wait is short and it won’t be long before you can start sending money online to your loved ones.

Sharemoney supports three funding methods which include credit card, debit card and bank account. Since funding via credit cards are regarded as cash advances, do note that the credit card option will require additional charges by your credit card issuer. With that in mind, debit card will be the recommended option of the three as it ensures that you avoid additional delays and more expenses.

Sending money to your loved ones in Senegal is guaranteed to be cheap and fast if you use Sharemoney. Try our convenient services today!

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