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Argentina, a federal republic in South America, is best known for its vast terrains and its equally beautiful mountainsides. Aside from its spectacular sights, the industrial centers in Argentina have been experiencing a boom in recent years. Being the second largest economy in South America, most of its growth depends on the agricultural sector which exports products abroad.

With a highly-literate population, many Argentineans find opportunities to widen their horizons by working abroad. This might mean sacrificing the chance to be near one’s family but is a big contributory factor to Argentina’s economy. If you are one of those individuals working abroad, in the US specifically, wondering how to send money remittance back home might be an area you are concerned about. Don’t worry, you can use Sharemoney to send money online from the US to Argentina for your loved ones.

What is Sharemoney?

This is perhaps one of the questions you have in mind upon coming across our website. Well, Sharemoney is one of the most trusted online money transfer platforms today. It is due to the fact that we have partnered with many banks and remittance centers abroad – from banks to home cash delivery to cash pickup options – to help your loved ones receive money where and when they need it. For example, you can use choose from our cash pickup locations in Argentina to make sending money a whole lot easier.

Why is it a Cheap Way to Send Money Online?

  • Cheap transaction fee. Some of you may have experienced online remittance websites that charge too much for your transaction with them. With Sharemoney, you will no longer have this same predicament. All you need to pay for is a minimum of $4.99 per transaction.
  • No hidden charges. There are some online remittance websites that deduct fees from the amount you have sent from your recipient’s amount, even when you have already paid the corresponding fee. With Sharemoney, you will only need to pay for the transaction with a fixed fee and you can be sure that nothing will be deducted from the amount your loved one is supposed to receive from you.
  • Sharemoney also lets your loved ones enjoy the remittance at a competitive US Dollar to Argentine Peso exchange rate. Your loved ones will be able to share the fruits of your labor to cope with their living needs and even save some for rainy days.

Other Benefits of Using Sharemoney to Send Money to Your Loved Ones in Argentina

Additionally, on your part as the sender, you are given the chance to fund your transaction in three ways. Your first option is through your bank account. You can also choose to use your credit card or debit card. Using your credit card though will incur additional costs on your part. Your credit card issuer will charge you like it would if you make a cash advance through your card. Using your debit card is an excellent method if you want to avoid additional charges or delays.

Experience the cheap way to send money online from the US to Argentina through Sharemoney. Tell your counterparts working in the US and let them send money back home with peace of mind too.

Send money online from the US to Argentina now!


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