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For people working in the US who have loved ones in Peru, it can be quite a challenge to look for the proper platform to reach out to them back home. Even when you want to send them money, you will have a hard time looking for an online money transfer that guarantees cheap and fast remittance. Now, with Sharemoney, the online money transfer service on Omnex Group, Inc., you will realize that sending money to your loved ones in Peru is more affordable than many other remittance services to Peru you can find out there!

Why Choose Sharemoney?

With the many brands in the market for online money transfers, you must be wondering why Sharemoney is a great choice. We believe that you deserve to enjoy every dollar you earn and we do not want you to suffer the same dilemmas that you have suffered in the past. In fact, we only charge a minimum amount starting from $4.99 for Sharemoney’s money transfer services to Peru. That is definitely cheaper than most, if not all, other money transfer services you will find online. Add to that, your recipient will receive his money without any other deductions. If you sent him $500, he will receive $500. That is because you have already paid the corresponding fee for the transaction.

Sharemoney’s Delivery Methods to Peru

Our delivery methods vary depending on the country we are serving. As of the moment, you can conveniently send money to a loved one’s account in any of the known banks in Peru as listed in our pages like Banco de Credito del Peru. Apart from these venues, you can also choose cash pickup instead if your loved one does not have a bank account with any of these banks.

Making Peru Money Remittance an Easy Process

This is what we always want you to experience apart from offering a cheap way to send money online to Peru. You simply have to take the following steps:

  • Open an account with us. You can use the signup page in our website to provide the necessary information that we need to facilitate your transaction.
  • Read our pages. In order to be more familiar with our services, it will be good to read our FAQ pages. We have answers to questions you share with many of our loyal customers and all those who want to give our services a try.
  • Fund your transaction. You can use either of your bank account, your debit card or credit card to fund your transaction. Note that credit card companies will charge you an additional amount apart from the standard fee we are charging though if you choose to fund the transaction with your credit card.

Well, you need not look far if you want to send money to your loved ones in Peru. Use Sharemoney now and let us assure you that you will no longer need to spend too much to get your money into the hands of your recipients. Make sure you tell them to visit our global website as well so they can check the remittance themselves using the Money Transfer Number (MTN) corresponding to your transaction.

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