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Colombia’s mesmerizing sights make it a real pleasure to the eyes of those who get a chance to visit it. Truly, the locals of this country are proud of the majestic scenery that the place has to offer. Part of its history is the Spanish colonization which took place at around 1499. This has largely influenced the lives of the old and new generations. While it was predominantly an agricultural economy in the past, it has pushed all efforts to become urbanized by the 20th century.

Today, many Colombians are looking for better ways to improve their lives, causing them to leave the country and try their luck in other foreign countries. A portion of the country’s population has found their home in the US. Although it was difficult for them at first, they have found a way to give back to their loved ones back home. If you are looking forward to send money affordably to Colombia from the US, you can always trust our services here at Sharemoney.

Sharemoney’s Services

Sharemoney is considered one of the most reliable online money transfer platforms in the US today. We have partnered with banks and cash pick up locations in many different countries worldwide just to make our services available within your reach. Among the countries we are serving is Colombia. When sending money to your loved ones in Colombia, you can choose from two delivery methods – through bank deposits and via cash pickup locations.

Why is Sharemoney an Affordable Way to Send Money Online?

Many of you will find transaction fees for sending money online quite burdensome. If there is one thing we can guarantee you when you use our services then that will be the fact that we only charge $3.99 as standard fee for online transactions. At the back of that, expect that there are no hidden charges whatsoever. This will assure your recipients that they will receive the money you sent them in full. Cheap as our fees are, you can be sure that you will get very competitive exchange rates for US Dollar to Colombian Peso, thus giving your loved ones more to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Starting your Money Transfer with Us

In order to enjoy our services, we will require you to register an account with us. Take note that we do not charge any amount for this. We just need pertinent account information to facilitate your transfer with us. Once your account is verified, everything else will be hassle free. Please take time out to fill up our form accordingly so you will not have to wait that long to send the money to your loved ones.

Also, you must have either a credit card or debit card to fund your transaction. Take note though that your credit card issuer will charge you an additional fee if you choose to use your credit card. For cheaper and faster transactions, using your debit card is highly recommended.

Now that you have come to know more about Sharemoney and how cheap our services are when sending money online to Colombia, why not try it today?

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