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The difficulty of sending money to your loved ones in Guatemala from the US is a thing of the past. Now, you can use a lot of financial channels, particularly those online, to facilitate your transaction. All you need to do is browse for options and make sure you have chosen one you can be partners with, not just for your money transfer once but also those you will make in the future.

You don’t need to go far when it comes to sending money to your beneficiaries in Guatemala. You can simply use Sharemoney – a guaranteed cheap and easy way to send money to your loved ones abroad. Learn why many Guatemalans in the US are now using our services!

Why Use Sharemoney to Send Money to Guatemala?

Sharemoney aims to give you an easy option when it comes to sending money from the US to your loved ones in specific countries we have partnered with abroad. This is part of our commitment to make sure that your loved ones get the most of the money you have worked hard for. We value your hard-earned money as much as you do and with that in mind, we offer cheap rates on your money transfers, while maintaining competitive currency exchange rates.

With Sharemoney’s services, you can send up to $2,999 to your recipients at a fee of only $3.99. You can send your funds as US Dollars or convert your remittance to Guatemalan Quetzals at our super-competitive exchange rate.

Of course, we also are proud of the fact that besides being an affordable money transfer option, we also guarantee that sending money to Guatemala will be easy with Sharemoney’s services. We have partnered with reliable banks in Guatemala like Banco Industrial, Banco G&T Continental, and Banrural so you can transfer money directly to your loved ones’ bank account. You can also choose to use our cash pickup option, if your recipient would prefer to pick up the transfer at one of our convenient locations.

Why is Sending Money to Guatemala Easier with Sharemoney?

Using our cash pickup and bank deposit options guarantees faster delivery of cash to your recipients in Guatemala. Apart from that, you can facilitate every transaction you make via Sharemoney through the following service highlights:

  • Signing up with Sharemoney. It’s absolutely free! Fill up our online form and we will verify your account in no time. Once you get verified, you can proceed to sending money to your loved ones in Guatemala.
  • Using our How It Works page. This page is devoted to a list of frequently asked questions about the process of sending money to Guatemala through Sharemoney.
  • Choosing the right method most convenient for you and your recipient. Choosing what delivery method to use matters when it comes to facilitating your transactions. Transfer money directly to someone’s bank account, or send it to one of our thousands cash pickup locations in Guatemala.
  • Using the Money Transfer Number (MTN). This will help you track where your money is at the moment. You can give the Money Transfer Number to your recipient and in turn, they can use our global website to check whether they can already go to the bank or cash pickup location to claim the remittance.

Use Sharemoney now to send money to Guatemala. We are an easy way to transfer money to your loved ones in Guatemala!

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