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One of the many common concerns you might have when you are working in the US and you have loved ones in other countries like the Dominican Republic is how you can send your family the money they need without much hassle and in a cheap and fast way as well. The good news is you can find online partners to help you such as Sharemoney. Learn about our cheap and fast wire transfers to the Dominican Republic!

Why is Sharemoney Cheap?

Perhaps you want to know why Sharemoney is cheap. The word ‘cheap’ can be associated with the fact that we want to establish a long-term relationship with our customers and that’s why every transaction fee is kept as low as we possibly can go. Our money transfer fees to the Dominican Republic start from $3.99. Even with this cheap cost, your loved ones abroad are guaranteed to receive your hard-earned money at a very competitive exchange rate for every US Dollar to a Dominican Peso. We set our rates every day and always try to provide our customers with a better rate than any of our competitors!

Why is Sharemoney Fast?

Sharemoney is known for offering fast wire transfers to the Dominican Republic. Wonder how we are able to do that? We owe that to the fact that we have an extensive global network of partners, including those in the Dominican Republic. You have the choice to send money to your loved ones’ bank accounts, provided they are found in our list of partner banks in the Dominican Republic. If you choose this option, your recipient will be able to receive the money in less than 15 minutes (if you send money during the bank’s hours of operation in DR, of course)

If your loved one does not have a bank account, there is no reason to worry. We still have two choices to offer. One is through cash pickup and the other is through door-to-door delivery. For the list of cash pickup locations, please check out our list of locations and from there, you can choose where your loved one can pick up the money you have sent.

Sharemoney and Your Payment Options

A big factor in facilitating your transactions is the various payment options that you can choose from to fund your money transfer. One option is through the use of your debit card which is regarded as a fast and cheap funding option due to the fact that money will be sent instantly to your loved ones at no extra cost. It will only take a few minutes to process.

Another method is that you can choose to use your own bank account for the money transfer. This option is cheap too, but for first-timers, do take note that verification of your account will be needed in order for the money transfer to be processed. You can also use your credit card. Although this method is a faster choice than choosing to use your bank account, it can cost you more. Your credit card company charges an amount on top of the standard $3.99 fee that we already charge.

Are You Ready to Send to the Dominican Republic?

Remember to create your own Sharemoney account to facilitate your wire transfer in the fastest possible time.

We also recommend you take note of your Money Transfer Number or MTN, which will be emailed to you in the receipt after you’ve completed your money transfer. Use this to track where the money is at in real time. Relay the same number to your recipient so he or she can also check on the latest status of the fund delivery. The recipient can simply access our global Sharemoney website to enjoy this tracking capability. When you are ready to send a money remittance, you can rest assured that you are indeed choosing a trusted method to send funds to the Dominican Republic!

Ready? Send Money to the Dominican Republic.

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