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Bolivia is a country that has a very diverse culture. The country has citizens of Spanish origin, indigenous groups from the Andes, and more. Bolivia is also renowned for its scenery and history such as the unique calm of Isla del Sol, the overwhelming beauty of Salar de Uyuni and the dramatic setting of La Paz. However, the economy of Bolivia still lives by a subsistence economy, making it a poor nation still. That’s why many Bolivian citizens move abroad in search of greener pastures.

It is understandable that many citizens in Bolivia are highly committed to making their lives and those of their loved ones more manageable and comfortable. If you are an expat living and working in the US, and you are thinking about your loved ones back in Bolivia, you can use Sharemoney to enjoy low transaction fees, fast service and more!

Transferring Money to Your Loved Ones in Bolivia via Sharemoney

Want to know what Sharemoney is? We are an online money transfer service provider in the United States that make online money transfers a convenient affair for you. Just like how easy it is to surf the internet, we make the process sending online easy as well. Our cash pickup services in Bolivia offer a myriad of benefits which include low transaction fess which start from $4.99. What’s more, our competitive currency exchange rates from USD to BOB ensures that your loved ones get to enjoy the amount you sent them in full. When you work with us for your online remittance needs, you can always expect safe, secure and fast service. Cash pickup in Bolivia is a widely-used delivery method, and below are the services we work with.

Cash Pickup Services We Work with in Bolivia

  • More Money Transfer S.A.

More Money Transfers was founded in 2003 and Sharemoney has been working with them for many years. It is one of the most trusted Bolivia-based cash pickup providers and has the capability to handle a million money remittance orders in a single year. Some of its outlets include More – Bco Ganadero and Bco. Mercantil De Santa Cruz.

  • Trans Express

Trans Express is located in La Paz and is well known for adopting electronic commerce technology and its local, national and international courier capabilities. You can be sure that Trans Express is well equipped to handle money remittances; your loved ones can receive the money you sent them in a quick and safe manner. Some of its outlets include Trans Expres at La Paz and Servicio de Courier Centauro in Yacuiba.

Starting the Money Transfer Transaction with Sharemoney

Sharemoney makes transferring money online very easy, and all you need at the start is an account which you can register for free. If you have a credit card or debit card you are good to go! Due to security reasons, we will need to verify your account information when you are sending to a recipient for a first time. However, subsequent transactions will be faster and smoother. Whenever you want to send money safely and quickly to Bolivia, think of Sharemoney’s cash pickup services in Bolivia!


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