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Christmas is just a few months away. And you’ve got all your shopping done, and all the presents wrapped. Right? Well, not if you’re like the majority of those who celebrate the holidays. Far from having started shopping, some have not yet begun putting money aside with which to shop. If you haven’t already started to save money for Christmas, here are a few ideas for consideration where Christmas shopping, saving, and celebrating are concerned.

Start Now – Do Not Delay

Telling someone not to delay saving up for Christmas is probably a little after the fact at this point, but you know what they say – there’s no time like the present. So, if you haven’t already started saving for Christmas, best start now. And by all means, do not put all your hope in the work bonus you think you’re getting in December. If there’s one thing about bonuses, it’s that they are not as dependable as most of us would like to think.

While there is still time, put a little bit aside each month in a Christmas fund or even just an envelope in your desk. Next year, however, start in January.

Be Happy With What You Have

It seems like the more money we make, the more we feel the need to spend. The more we have, the more we want. This is one of the reasons that Christmas spending gets more and more out of hand every year. It may be time to simplify the holidays and your life in general. There was a time when people were happy with a lot less than what most people have today. Is it time to get back to basics?

Bargains, Thrift Shops, Garage Sales, Etc.

There is almost no reason to pay full retail price with bargains, thrift shops, garage sales, and all the other incredible deals available – not to mention the Internet. As long as something looks new, it doesn’t have to actually be new. And, truth be told, there are brand-new, still in the box items available at some of the sources just listed.

Leave The Credit Card At Home

Frugal experts tell you that there is no need to go into debt around the holidays. If you don’t have the money for it, you simply don’t buy it. This is much easier said than done in most cases, however. If you are raising children, there’s no time like the early years to enforce this kind of thinking. It’s going to make Christmases in the future a lot easier and less expensive.

Set A Budget and Make a List

Setting a budget is essential. But there is no sense setting a budget if you aren’t going to stick to it. Agree to spend a certain amount, even if it’s just among family and friends, and spend only that or less.

Just like Santa, make a list and check it twice. Just because it’s Christmas that doesn’t mean that everybody has to have a present. Figure out who’s going to get a gift, and who isn’t. In fact, you may want to agree among friends and family that gift giving this year is simply out of the question. And that brings us to our final consideration for the holidays.

Does Christmas Have To Mean Presents And Excess?

The fast and easy answer to this question is… no. But in the United States, families run around like crazy and spend oodles of money to get the best, biggest present under the tree. They make tons of food that they could never hope to eat before it spoils, and rack their brains about how to find the best deal on the most outlandish decorations.

Instead of spending money on extravagance, consider spending money on travel expenses, hotels if necessary, and a few simple but plentiful meals. Take this time to spend the holidays like a real family with every single member included – no matter what it takes to get them there. Play games, make crafty presents for each other. Not only could this be the last time you all get together, but it could also go down as the greatest Christmas celebration on record.

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