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Nigeria has one of the largest populations and economies in Africa and is increasingly becoming a tourist hotspot. The west African country has a coast in the Gulf of Guinea. Nigeria is nicknamed the “Giant of Africa,” with a 184 million strong population, making it the most populous countries on the continent. It hosts the largest number of youth in the world. The different combinations of people from different backgrounds results in numerous cultures that will appeal to any visitors. Literature, music and film combined other factors make Nigeria a desirable country to visit. Particularly appealing travel attractions in Nigeria include:

Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari Game Reserve

Situated in the Bauchi State, this is arguably the most prominent wildlife reserve in West Africa. It has gained global popularity for hosting a wide range of animals including spotted hyena, Nile crocodiles, lions, baboons and antelopes. The reserve covers an area of more than 850 square miles. The reserve also has land forms including the Marshall Cave Systems, archeological preserves and ancient iron smelting works built centuries ago. This creates an ideal backdrop for the variety of flora and fauna.


Located by the Calabar River, the resort is designed to integrate both business and leisure in a facility that has world class amenities. Leisure, business and entertainment opportunities and facilities are available at the Tinapa Free Zone. An open exhibition within the complex allows for trade shows and event organization.

La Campagne Tropicana

This is a beach resort in Lagos offering an array of natural vistas including freshwater lakes, savannahs, sandy beaches and mangrove forests. Professional staff on call to offer quality cuisine as well as guide you through numerous activities you can take part in tops it all off. Accommodation facilities are designed with an African décor, but still have modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

Awhum Monastery

Monasteries are only usually associated with Asian culture, but Nigeria has one to offer. The monastery is surrounded by attractive physical features including waterfalls and a large number of pristine lakes. The waterfalls are particularly mesmerizing as they cascade over many feet before forming streams. This site is located in the Enugu State.

Obudu Mountain Resort

This resort is close to Cameroon’s border, in Cross River State. It can only be accessed by air but the effort to do so always pays off. The resort nestles atop a mountaintop plateau 5,100 feet above sea level.  The cool climate, tranquility and breathtaking vistas make it ideal for all types of travelers from lone rangers to large groups of fun lovers.

Staying in this resort is made more comfortable through provision of amenities including the Terrace Restaurant and Bar, a fully equipped gym, a squash court, a natural swimming pool and 20 three-bedroomed villas each boasting a dining room, balcony, kitchenette and lounge. Each villa is modeled after chalets and African round hats all built atop stilts so that the view is not obstructed. One can also relax by playing a round of golf in the 9-hole course on the resort grounds.

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