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Mexico often invokes all sorts of thoughts when mentioned. Increasingly however, our massive neighbor in the south is getting a reputation as a hub for doing business. From automotive assembly to real estate and aeronautics, there is a growing recognition that Mexico is the place for the discerning investor looking to make a good return on his or her money. Here then are some of the best cities to do business in Mexico.


This massive city in Baja, California used to be a major tourist destination but has since reinvented itself as an industrial and manufacturing hub. From electronics to motor vehicle assembly, Tijuana is the home to some of the biggest brands in the world. Electronics companies in Tijuana include Samsung and Sony. Because of its proximity to the Unites States, a lot of the electronic components that are manufactured in Tijuana make their way into Silicon Valley in the United States. This proximity to the US has also fuelled the rapid growth of the automotive industry in the area.

Ciduad Juarez

Ciduad Juarez, just like Tijuana, enjoys close proximity to the United States and thus has had to reinvent itself to become a magnet for industrial real estate. Industries that need massive real-estate holdings such as aerospace, defense contractors and the automotive industry are increasingly finding a home in this state. So attractive are the real estate deals in Ciduad Juarez that manufacturers beyond the United States are also making a beeline for it. You will find manufacturers from as far as Taiwan and Germany who have set up shop in Ciduad Juarez. Another factor that makes this state so attractive to manufacturers is that it sits midway on the US and Mexican border meaning that shipments from here can easily be shipped westwards into the Pacific coast or eastwards into the Atlantic coast.


Monterrey has long held itself as the intellectual center of Mexico and it is hardly surprising that with the growth of information technology, it has already distinguished itself as the software hub of Mexico. Companies looking to develop IT solutions for markets in the US and beyond are increasingly turning to Monterrey. This is boosted by the availability of thousands of IT graduates who head to Monterrey due to the relative ease of finding an IT related job. Outside IT, the city is also an important brewing hub.

Mexico City

The capital city of Mexico is more than just the home of the Mexican government. The city has seen a steady growth of elements of the service industry such as banking, hospitality and entertainment. This has had the effect of transforming this city of millions into a steadily rising global financial hub. Manufacturing has not completely disappeared however and Mexico City is still a major manufacturing hub. In recent times however, a lot of these industries have been slowly pushed to the outskirts of the city.

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