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Also known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam is a country is located in the Asian continent. With a population of nearly 94 million, the country’s main exports include clothing, coffee, electronics, machinery, wooden products, shoes, rice, seafood and crude oil. Since the 1990s, Vietnam’s per capita GDP growth has been one of the fastest in the world. As an increasing number of Vietnamese locals want to seek better career opportunities abroad, a significant number of them are now working in the United States, with ages ranging from 18 to 64.

About Techcombank

Techcombank is a leading commercial bank in Vietnam that has an outstanding product-service portfolio. The bank was founded with a mission to become a trusted financial partner of the Vietnamese people, and offers a complete range of financial services and products by practicing a client-first approach. Due to their cooperation of the bank’s various teams, its performance has always been consistently good. That’s why the bank is able to serve customers by offering solutions that are truly beneficial to all parties.

Bank Transfers to Techcombank via Sharemoney is Fast and Easy

Sharemoney works closely with an extensive network of banks around the globe, Techcombank is one of those banks. We have already started facilitating money transfers from the United States to Techcombank and you will enjoy a stellar online money transfer experience. Some of the benefits include:

  • Convenience in every fund transfer and money transaction
  • Highly competitive currency exchange rates (USD to VND)
  • Low transfer fee that starts as low as $3.99

What’s more, Sharemoney’s flexible money transfer options are highly secure and you can be sure that your personal data is well-protected at all times.

Registering Your Account

We currently do not facilitate guest transfers so you have to first create an account with us. The process is easy and completing the online application form will only take up a few minutes of your time. The great thing about having an account is that future money transfers will run smoothly because you have already passed the initial verification steps.

Oftentimes, you will need to wait three days for your new account to be fully processed. You must, however provide us with the correct details so that we can verify your identity and grant you immediate access to our bank transfer service. In addition, the usual lead time for a transfer to get through is also three days.

Informing Your Recipient

If your recipient asks how they can track the progress of the transfer, you can inform to visit our global website. In that page, they can use the Money Transfer Number (MTN) to track the money’s whereabouts.

All in all, bank transfers are great alternatives if you wish to avoid the additional charges that come with credit cards. Sometimes you get a great feeling when you are able to transfer the maximum value of what you have earned to your loved ones, especially when every cent counts!

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