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Are you looking for the best way to send money online from the United States to your loved ones back home in Vietnam? Sharemoney may have the solution for your needs! We have opened our service for remittances from the US to several countries all over the world, including Vietnam. We have also partnered with banks in Vietnam – one of which is DongA Bank.

About DongA Bank

DongA Bank was part of the Eastern Asia Commercial Bank which was established in 1992. It was only 7 years later  in 1999, when DongA Bank became an official member of Global Payments Network. It opened a 2-channel transaction with Bank of East Asia Auto and Bank of East Asia Electronics and implemented a new platform in the world of core banking and online transaction systems. Remittances made through the bank accounted for $1.6 billion of total transactions in 2014.

Bank swift code: EACBVNVX

Sharemoney has provided a platform where Vietnamese immigrants can easily send money back home to their loved ones in Vietnam from the US. Using different methods of payment, you can send money directly into a Vietnamese bank account such as one with DongA Bank.

Your Payment Choices

Your payment choice includes using funds from your own US bank account which will usually take three business days to complete depending on which bank you are sending money to. You can also use your credit card but be prepared to pay an additional charge like you would if you make a cash advance through it. Another great payment choice is using your debit card. Using this will process your transactions faster than any payment means and your recipient in Vietnam will usually receive the money within a few hours.


Do You Have an Account with Us?

You can do so by creating an account with us. It’s completely free to open an account with Sharemoney. Also, you should remember that creating an account will help facilitate your future transactions with us. When you have done so, you can select the destination country from the dropdown menu then click the ‘Send Now’ button. Fill up the form with all necessary information needed to initiate the transfer.

Understanding the Money Delivery Options

When making money transfers to your loved ones in Vietnam, there are three delivery options. One is through bank deposit which will allow you to simply click on DongA Bank as your choice if you are sending money through this bank. From there, you will be asked to provide all necessary bank account information to facilitate the transfer. The other two options are through the home delivery or cash pickup methods.

Using our Money Tracker

You should remember certain things to make sending money to Vietnam via Sharemoney a whole lot easier. First will be the importance of tracking your remittance with the Money Transfer Number or MTN corresponding to your transaction. You can also send the MTN to your recipient and let him or her track the money through Sharemoney’s global website. You and your recipient will both be able to see the status of your transfer in real time, so you never have to wonder where the money is! If you have any questions about sending money to a DongA Bank account, do contact our hotline for us to assist you further as we have Vietnamese-speaking staff ready to assist you.

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