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Sharemoney has made transferring money to the Dominican Republic from the United States much of a breeze with our services. With this platform, you now have access to simple, safe and fast delivery of your hard-earned money to your loved ones there.

Sharemoney… to the Dominican Republic!

Transferring money to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic via Sharemoney is fast and easy. You simply have to choose the preferred funding option to initiate the transfer and from there, you are given options as to how the transfer will be delivered to your recipient – whether through bank deposit or cash pickup or through home delivery. For example, sending money to your recipient’s bank account in the Dominican Republic is very easy and one of the banks you can send to is Scotiabank.

About Scotiabank

Founded in 1832, Scotiabank is regarded as one of the leading financial institutions not only in Halifax, Nova Scotia but in the whole of Canada as well. This bank has been providing a wide array of innovative products and opened its doors to expanding its operations internationally. It was in 1920 when Scotiabank was introduced in the Dominican Republic, thus paving the way to serve the locals in achieving their financial goals. To date, Scotiabank operations has served about 20 million customers with their innovative financial products and services.

Bank swift code: NOSCDOSD

How to Start Sending Money to a Scotiabank Account

The first thing you should do is to create a free account with us if you have not yet created one. For those of you who already have existing accounts with us, you can use it to facilitate your money transfer to a Scotiabank account or to any of our partner banks in the Dominican Republic. Once you start the process, you can start sending money to your recipient and even convert USD to DOP at a competitive exchange rate.

Knowing Your Payment Options

You can choose to use your bank account, credit card or debit card to fund your money transfer to a Scotiabank account. Using your bank account will require verification so it will take about three days before your recipient gets the money. If you opt to use your credit card on the other hand, you will need to take note that you will be charged an amount to cover for additional charges you will incur with the transfer. This amount will go to your credit card issuer who will bill you.

That is why we highly recommend that you fund your transactions using your debit card. There are no additional charges when you use your debit card and it is the fastest way for you to send the money remittance to Dominican Republic.

Tracking Your Transfer to a Scotiabank Account

It is always better to inform your recipient beforehand that you are going to send money to his or her Scotiabank account. When you have initiated the transfer, a Money Transfer Number or MTN will be given to you. Use this number to track your money’s whereabouts with our Money Tracker. You can also give the MTN to your recipient so that he or she can check the status of the money transfer through our global website.

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