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Thinking of a convenient and quick way to handle bank transfers to someone in Metro Manila from the United States? Well, there is Sharemoney to help you with your concerns. And do you know that it only takes as little as a few minutes to complete the bank fund transfer? Learn about Sharemoney and how it can help facilitate your bank transfers to Metro Manila!

About Metro Manila

Metro Manila, a shortened name for Metropolitan Manila or is otherwise known as Kalakhang Maynila to Filipinos, is the most populous region in the Philippines. It is where Malacañang (the Presidential Residence) is found and is the capital city of the country. It is home to some of the country’s biggest cities including Quezon City, Caloocan, Muntinlupa, Parañaque, San Juan, Mandaluyong and Malabon among others.

Metro Manila remains the cradle for the Philippine economy, accounting for more than 37% of the Gross Domestic Product per capita of the country in 2013. In 2014, the Brookings Institution recorded the different shares of each industry to the economy of the locale with trade and tourism topping the list at a share of more than 31%. This is followed by business and finance at 28%, non-market at 15%, manufacturing at 13%, transportation at 5%, construction at 4%, utilities at 3% and the remaining percentage for commodities.


Why Use Sharemoney for Bank Transfers to Metro Manila?

Sharemoney is definitely the best choice when making bank transfers to Metro Manila from the US. Why is that?

  • It is cheap. Rates start from $2.99 and will be calculated depending on the amount you will be transferring. Your beneficiary never has to worry about paying any recipient fees.
  • It is a fast choice. For beginners, you can use our platform to make bank transfers to anyone in Manila in as fast as two minutes. What makes it even a more convenient choice is the fact that you can use the ‘QuickSend’ button if you wish to send money to the same recipient in the future.
  • It is a secure option. Security is definitely a concern with bank transfers. To guarantee that your transaction is safe, you can simply make use of the Money Tracker to track your funds’ whereabouts using your unique Money Transfer Number (MTN). Your recipient can use the same number too to track the money transfer.
  • It has a large network of partnering banks. Being the capital of the country, you can expect that Metro Manila is actually the home to all of the banks known in the country. Sharemoney has partnered with big names like BDO, Metrobank, Bank of the Philippine Islands and the Philippine National Bank among others.

Using Sharemoney to Make Bank Transfers to Metro Manila

We live by our promise of providing you the fastest, cheapest, securest way to make bank transfers to Metro Manila from the US. Simply sign up on and you can get send money within minutes. You might want to read the FAQ section to get a brief idea of how Sharemoney works and follow the easy instructions when you want to send a bank transfer to anyone in Metro Manila.

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