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If you want a simplified process to transfer money from the US to Guatemala, Sharemoney is a great choice you can consider. You can find a list of our partner banks in Guatemala on our website. We offer bank account transfers in addition to cash pickup options. One of the banks we have been working with is Banco Industrial. Learn how you can use this bank for transferring money from the US to Guatemala.

About Banco Industrial

Founded in 1968, Banco Industrial is Guatemala’s largest bank. Since its establishment, it has already expanded to serve a growing number of clients, both individuals and businesses. With over 240 branches nationwide, around 300 Automated Teller Machines and more than 1,400 service points in the country, Banco Industrial is a well recognized name for the bank industry in Guatemala.

Bank swift code: INDLGTGC

About Sharemoney’s Money Transfer Services to Guatemala

Send money instantly through Sharemoney from the US to Guatemala. You can use several options to pay for the transaction. Your choices include the use of credit or debit cards and also your bank accounts. You can also choose from two delivery options namely cash pickup and bank deposit.

Send Money with Sharemoney to a Banco Industrial Bank Account

The first thing you should do in order to access this feature is to create an account with Sharemoney. This is absolutely free. Once you have created your account, it will be verified through the phone number and email address you have provided in the application form. Enjoy sending money instantly to the Banco Industrial bank account of your recipient once your details have been verified. For inquiries about how to send money to any bank in Guatemala, simply refer to our FAQ Page.

Choosing Your Payment Option

You actually have a couple of options if you decide to use Sharemoney to send money to your loved ones in Guatemala via Banco Industrial. The first is through your bank account as a funding method wherein your own bank account will be charged for the transfer. When you opt for this payment option, however, expect up to three days processing time, depending on your bank.

If you want to send money in a faster manner, you can actually opt to pay with your debit card when doing so. This is the most recommended method since it will warrant a much shorter waiting time as money transfer from a bank account does.

While credit card funding is also available, we do not usually recommend it due to the additional charges from the credit card provider that you will incur in the process. Funding money transfers using a credit card may incur a cash advance charge with your bank.

How to Track Your Money Transfer to Banco Industrial

Once you’ve placed your money transfer, Sharemoney will issue a corresponding Money Transfer Number or MTN for your transaction. You can use this MTN to track your money’s whereabouts in real-time using our Money Tracker. Your recipient, on the other hand, can use this number too without the need to register an account with us. He or she can go on our global website and use the MTN to check the status of the funds.

Start sending money to Guatemala via bank account deposit to Banco Industrial today!

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