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Sharemoney has managed to make life a whole lot easier for those of you wanting to transfer money from the US to your loved ones back home. We help you send remittances to specific countries like Brazil, the Philippines and Guatemala among others. If you want to send money to your loved ones in Guatemala via G&T Continental, here are some things you should know.

About G&T Continental

Founded 60 years ago, G&T Continental has performed exceptionally well when it comes to serving its customers, making it one of Guatemala’s most accessible, reliable and approachable banks. Its customers, up to these days, continue to enjoy top level services through its network of agencies and an impressive portfolio of innovative products and services. Their mission is simple – they want to help all their clients manage their finances in an orderly and easy manner.

Bank swift code: GTCOGTGC

From Sharemoney… to Guatemala!

Sharemoney has endeavored to make transferring money to Guatemala a whole lot easier. As the sender, you are given the choice to use your bank account or your credit card and debit card in order to initiate the transfer. With any of your choice, you can use Sharemoney’s services and transfer money to Guatemalan bank accounts right when your recipient needs them.

How to Enjoy Sharemoney’s Services

You can start enjoying our services by simply creating a free account with us. For those of you who already have an account with Sharemoney, you can log in to that same account you have used before. Once logged in, you can choose from the dropdown menu of destination countries. Click on that and when you hover and click your mouse on the ‘Send Now’ button, you will be asked to fill up the form with all essential information required to initiate the transfer.

How to Choose Your Payment Options

As mentioned, there are three types of payment options for initiating a bank transfer to your account in Guatemala. One is through your bank account. This can take up to three business days. Paying through credit card is also allowed but we don’t recommend this due to the additional charge that you will incur with the transaction. This can be charged by your credit card issuer during your next monthly bill. If you want a cheaper and faster way to fund your transfer to G&T Continental, using your debit card is recommended. This usually takes only a few minutes to complete!

Apart from sending money to a bank account in G&T Continental or through other banks in Guatemala, you can also choose to transfer money to a cash pickup location in Guatemala. You can browse through our list of delivery methods for Guatemala.

Rates and Sending Limits

There are some rules you must be familiar with when sending money via Sharemoney to Guatemala. Transfer rates start from $3.99 and will depend upon the amount you will be transferring. You will only be allowed to send up to $2,999 every 14 days. We also provide better currency exchange rates than many other competitors so check out our rates and be blown away when you want to make a bank deposit payment to a G&T Continental account!

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