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Sharemoney, an online money transfer service of Omnex Group, Inc., has expanded when it comes to delivering money to your loved ones abroad when you are living in the US– now you can also transfer money to El Salvador. Using Sharemoney, you can send money to this country via cash pickup or bank deposit. One of the banks we have partnered with is Scotiabank. Learn how to make bank transfers to El Salvador’s Scotiabank through this page.

About Scotiabank

Scotiabank, otherwise known as the Bank of Nova Scotia, began its business in October 1997. Back then it had acquired over 50% interest in Banco Ahorromet. Three years after this acquisition, Scotiabank took control of the operations of the said bank. Several years later, in 2005, the bank’s operations even expanded after it has also acquired 99% of one of the most prominent banks in El Salvador, Banco de Comercio. To date, it has 58 branches with more than a hundred ATMs in the country. Now, it also has total assets amounting to US$1.939 billion.

Bank Swift Code: BCSASVSS

Scotiabank and Sharemoney’s Partnership

As Sharemoney endeavors to provide you with stellar money transfer services, it has established strong partnerships with major banks in countries that it serves. Recognizing that Scotiabank is the 4th largest bank in El Salvador, we trust their ability to provide a great experience for our customers.. That is the kind of relationship we have valued through the years of our existence as we endeavor to serve all of our customers in the best way possible.

Why Use Sharemoney to Transfer Money to El Salvador?

  • Minimal charges. If you try to look into other money transfer services online and compare our rates here at Sharemoney, you will definitely be surprised at how cheap a transfer will cost with us. For bank transfers to El Salvador, rates start at $4.99 only.
  • Guaranteed fast money transfer. Some online platforms will take days or even weeks before the money gets into the hand of recipients. We know how painstaking these experiences can be for you. Using Sharemoney, your money gets to your loved one’s bank account in as fast as 15 to 30 minutes. We make transfer to other major banks in El Salvador aside from Scotiabank.
  • Flexible payment options. Our services are flexible in the sense that you have the choice to use a payment option most convenient to you. You can transfer funds using your own bank account or you can use either your debit or credit card. Take note that your credit card provider may charge an extra fee if you decide to use it to fund your transfer.
  • Wide array of money transfer choices. Apart from bank transfers, we also have cash pickup locations in El Salvador. This is beneficial for those who don’t have bank accounts, or whose accounts are located at different banks.

With all these conveniences, will you still look for another online money transfer option? We bet you won’t!  Enjoy the features of our website and let your loved ones know that you are using our services to make the transfer.

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